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Gia Vien Swinging festival begins

TTH.VN - Despite the heavy and cold rain, the traditional Gia Vien swinging festival in the year of the Rat - 2020 at Gia Vien village, Phong Hien commune, Phong Dien district was still exciting and dramatic on the morning of January 28th (the Fourth day of Tet).

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An elder of Gia Vien village beating the drum to open the swinging festival

According to the elders of Gia Vien village, Gia Vien swinging festival was one of the unique cultural features conserved and preserved by the villagers for over 150 years.

To prepare for the traditional swinging festival, ahead of the Tet holiday, the Organizing Committee installed 6 old solid bamboo trees for a support structure with two old straight and supple bamboo trees for the swinging racks, fluttering festival flags attached on its tops, and a rope tied in the middle for athletes to be able to swing as high as possible. Athletes on the swinging racks were equipped with a protective equipment to ensure safety.

According to the long tradition of Gia Vien village, the swinging festival is only for men. This year, the swinging festival attracted 19 young men from the village and other localities to compete, who were numbered in an order from 1 to 19. Whoever is the first one touching the flag will be the winner of the worshiping prize and the next three will win the first, second and third prize. As for the smashing prize, swingers must snatch the flag to win.

There are 5 prizes awarded to 5 players for their best competition results, including the worshiping, first, second, and third prize, and finally, the smashing prize. The worshiping prize is awarded to the first person who swings the highest and touches the flag on the top of the swinging structure. The smashing prize is the last one given to the person who snatches that flag out of it.

Truong The Sy, the athlete who won the worshiping prize, said that this year was the 8th year he participated in the swinging festival and that he had won the prize many times. He participated in the swinging festival with the purpose of maintaining and promoting the village’s traditional festival as well as training for his physical fitness. He hoped that the next generations would continue to preserve and promote this traditional festival to create a joyful and excited atmosphere in the early spring and bring back good luck for a whole new year.

Below are some pictures at Gia Vien Swinging Festival:

An art performance to celebrate Gia Vien swinging festival

Despite the rain and cold, a large number of people came to see and cheer the festival

A German tourist enjoyed and cheered the swinging festival

Fastening safety belt before swinging

The first player touched the flag and won the prize

An elder of Gia Vien village awarded the worshiping prize to the athlete Truong The Sy

Head of Gia Vien village awarded the smashing prize to the athlete Bui Manh Dien

By Hai Hue

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