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“Handing green presents”

TTH.VN - This was an activity held by the students of the Green Quoc Hoc Club, belonging to Quoc Hoc High school for the Gifted, from July 28 to 30 to send the message of action for the environment.

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 The young people participate in the program "exchanging the old for the new"

All people in Thua Thien Hue could join the program “exchanging the old for the new” held by the Green Quoc Hoc Club. In this program, people can exchange old stuffs, old books and notebooks, used plastic, or old clothes, etc., for lovely, eco-friendly presents such as succulents, bamboo tooth brushes, pens, or paper, etc., which were meticulously packed in each paper bag.

This activity was a part of the project “Wings of The Wild”, a project of “exchanging the old for the new” implemented by the Green Quoc Hoc Club to raise people’s awareness of paper and plastic wastes. Thence, choosing to use the replaced items and materials for plastic to reduce the discharge of toxic wastes into the environment.

The Green Quoc Hoc Club would use the profits gained during 3 days of the event and the sponsorships from the businesses to buy food, cakes, milk, and essential school supplies to offer the children in Lotus Children Support Center and SOS Children’s Village.

By Minh Hien
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