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Hue student football: Gold trophy touched

TTH.VN - Making their appearance at the largest student football field nationwide, the Ancient Capital students left a strong impression on each match, and then won the trophy on the away field. In the short run, they will have the opportunity to interact with the famous strikers of the Vietnam team. The excellent players will also have the opportunity to set foot on big football fields.

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 Hue University leaders commending the football team and players

 “Troops dispatched abroad to fight”

The student football team of Hue University has just had a brilliant March when in all away fields, they were the most mentioned people in the qualifying and final rounds of the Vietnam Student Youth Football Championship - Café de Măng Đen Cup 2023.

First, in the qualifying round for the Central region in 2023 in Da Nang in late February, playing against the teams with home-field advantages such as the Danang University of Economics, Danang University of Medical Technology and Pharmacy, Danang FPT Polytechnic College, Hue University student football team brilliantly entered the final round when they had won 3 matches, scored 11 goals and kept a clean sheet.

The impressive achievement of the Ancient Capital student football team earned the lavish praise of the experts because in addition to the final result, Hue student players demonstrated a convincing style of playing, and the 7-0 great victory over the Danang University of Medical Technology and Pharmacy was evidence.

 Coach Trinh Xuan Hong giving guidance to his students during a training session

However, it is not enough to talk about such achievements of the team that is likened to “Troops dispatched abroad to fight” at the 1st Vietnam Youth and Student Football Championship - the 1st Café de Măng Đen Cup.

Although the lucky draw results put the Hue University student football team in the "death" group, on the football field of Ton Duc Thang University, the Hue University student team in turn defeated Can Tho University, Ho Chi Minh City University of Agriculture and Forestry, Van Lang University and the championship candidate of Ho Chi Minh City University of Physical Education and Sports to play the final match.

In the decisive match, the highly-rated team, the University of Water Resources, also had to harbor a grudge against the confident performance of Hue students.

In fact, for the footballers still at university, competition away from home presented many difficulties. Even in the qualifying round, despite competing in the locality adjacent to Hue, many footballers had to arrange Hue - Da Nang movement properly to play the matches without affecting their study plans.

Competition at a longer geographical distance, more difficult flexible solutions along with other factors affected the team psychologically and personally. However, the coaching board selected players suitable for each match. Therefore, despite as many as 3 matches whose win or loss was determined on the 11m mark, Hue University students showed better competitive skill and spirit.

After the championship feat, coach Trinh Xuan Hong of the Hue University team affirmed, “We had an unforgettable season when we lost our pillars one by one, and until the final match, up to 3 key players could not participate. However, after each absence, the spirit of the whole team was more lifted. 8 years ago, we won the national student football award right on the field of Ton Duc Thang University, but this championship is very special because this tournament is extremely professional."

Ample opportunities ahead

 Vietnam Youth and Student Football Championship was born to create one more sports ground for students. The championship has also been officially included in the annual national competition system of the VFF and Vietnam student sports tournaments. The experts have closely watched the players. The outstanding faces promise to be quality additions for VFF to establish a Vietnam Student Football Team to compete internationally in the long run.

In the short run, Hue University's student football team players will have the opportunity to interact with the Vietnam team’s key players such as forward Tien Linh, midfielder Que Ngoc Hai and many other famous strikers.

The lack of a competitive environment for gaining experience has long been a permanent anxiety because apart from the internal exchange tournaments, Hue student football has had few opportunities to interact at quality tournaments. This more or less affects the psychology and expertise of the players when they enter large-scale and professional tournaments.

Even so, with the good involvement in Vietnam Youth and Student Football Championship - Café de Măng Đen 2023 Cup and the experience from many matches, along with the opportunities ahead, Hue student players will be more confident. Besides, the gold trophy of the Vietnam Youth and Student Football Championship awarded to Hue also lays the groundwork for Hue University and other universities to devote greater attention to and invest more in the development of student football.

Story: Huu Phuc
Photos: H. Phuc - Faculty of Physical Education
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