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Kind hearts in natural disasters

TTH.VN - Returning to Quang Phuoc commune (Quang Dien) in the last days of October 2022, the water was still covering the whole field, we heard about the heroic people who were willing to sacrifice their lives to save lives and property amid floodwaters.

Overcoming the "dual challenge" of natural disasters & pandemicSevere coastal erosion threatens thousands of households

Despite the danger, the vanguard force successfully saved 2 people who were struggling in the middle of the floodwater

At noon on October 17, 2022, while on duty at the agency's headquarters, the vanguard flood prevention and control team of Quang Phuoc commune received a report that there was a capsized boat carrying 2 people in Con Dinh - Dong Phuoc Cooperative, bordering area between Quang Phuoc and Quang An.

Despite the heavy rain, high winds, and floodwater, Mr. Ho Viet Cuong, Secretary of Quang Phuoc Commune Youth Union, and some members of the vanguard team, promptly used a boat to cross the floodwaters, successfully approached and rescued the victims and brought them to shore safely.

Mr. Nguyen An (residing in Thu Le village 3), one of the two rescued people, said,  “Due of the prolonged flood water, even though the water was still high, my son and I had to use a boat to carry feed for the pigs. However, we were not wearing life jackets. While in the middle of the water, the boat was suddenly hit by high winds and waves. Fortunately, the vanguard team quickly deployed their forces to save us. Without their timely response, our lives would be suspended in grave danger. We are extremely grateful to them.”

On the evening of October 23, there was a traffic accident at Thu Le spillway. A 4-seater car with a 75A... license plate of a person in Hue City ran along Provincial Road 4 to Sia town. When coming to this spillway, despite the warning board and barricade tape warning not to cross, due to the dark, heavy rain, and being unfamiliar with the road, the driver ran over and collapsed into the river for more than 4 meters deep. The two young men in the car were lucky to be able to escape and were promptly brought to shore by people nearby using a rescue boat. However, the car was submerged in water.

When rescuers arrived at the scene, they tried to approach to pull the car out, but the water was deep and fast-running, so no one could dive beneath. At that time, Mr. Ngo Thoi Huy, a police officer of Thu Le 2 village arrived and volunteered.

With his river experience, Mr. Huy quickly dived down to hook the cable and helped the rescue team bring the car ashore in the admiration of many people present at the scene when the clock struck midnight.

Huy shared: Because he lives in low-lying areas, there are floods every year. So, he practiced swimming from young age. During the recent flood, he worked with the commune's vanguard flood prevention and control team in key areas to coordinate with people to help raise their assets to avoid damage; evacuating and bringing hundreds of people to safety.

Chairwoman of Quang Phuoc Commune People's Committee, Ms. Phan Thi Chau, said that in order to promptly encourage individual achievements, the Commune People's Committee organized the awarding of certificates of merit, hot rewards and demonstrating the spirit of quickness and urgency in the rescue work of individuals. They are bright examples of responsibility, courage, and gratitude, worthy of praise and spreading in the community and society. In recent floods, although several buildings and crops in the village were damaged, due to the initiative of the local government, there was no loss of life.

"As a low-lying locality, the People's Committee of Quang Phuoc commune has promoted the motto "5 on the spot" in flood and storm prevention, in which the focus is on the motto "self-management on the spot". At the same time, it is recommended that people have a plan to prepare the necessities and be careful, following guidelines of the local government to ensure safety while moving in the flood season to avoid unfortunate events," said Ms. Phan Thi Chau.

Story and photo: Thai Son

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