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Peaceful Hue

TTH.VN - Many tourists choose Hue as an ideal tourist destination when looking for some healing places. The poetic beauty and countless attractive places of the Ancient Capital will help visitors find true peace.

A peaceful HueQuiet early morning by the side of Thien An HillImmersing in Hue

 Watching the sunrise and sunset right on the Huong River. Photo: Dechill

Nowadays, not only tourists but also many young people always tend to look for a peaceful space to immerse themselves in nature. Coffee shops with open spaces are the ideal choice because of their freshness and airiness. The main highlight is its rusticity and sophistication compared to many coffee shops that follow modern styles, thereby creating unique variations.

Stepping into "Tui minh" cafe on Su Van Hanh street (Hue city), in contrast to the hustle and bustle of the city, everyone who comes here loves the gentleness. The unique point of the coffee shop is to bring the rustic features of the village, which are an opening up a rice field appearing right before your eyes.

During the dry season, the shop receives the wind blowing from the fields. When the rice is ripe, farmers begin to harvest, the aroma of rice and straw also makes many tourists flutter with nostalgia. The rainy season brings a pleasant feeling, watching the rain pouring over the fields, the sound of rain falling on the eaves and the croaking of frogs as it gradually gets late at night.

Ms. Nguyen Bao Ngoc, a tourist from Hanoi said that she had the opportunity to travel to Hue and was introduced to this cafe, and the space there gave her a feeling of peace. “I also had a childhood in the fields, following my parents to the fields to harvest rice. My parents are now old and no longer grow rice. I have also lived in the city for nearly 30 years. Every time I return home, I feel rushed, everything passes so quickly. Now I accidentally slowdown in this space. Seeing a farmer going to the fields to plow rice, the images from decades ago reappeared,” she added. The wind suddenly brought in the scent of rice fields, beautiful memories rushed back, and time passed peacefully.

Talking about the ideas to form the coffee shop as it is now, Ms. Le Thi Tra My - the owner of the shop shared that because of her previous thoughts, she wanted to create a place with friendly colors so that visitors can immerse in nature. The shop has brought many rustic features of the countryside, opening up experiences and creating its own unique features.

On Huyen Tran Cong Chua street, we came across the cafe "DeChill". It is embraced by the Huong River, and has a pleasant space like a miniature Da Lat with flowers, uniquely built architecture, and the main material of wood bringing warmth. Each corner is decorated in a unique way so visitors can choose any seat. It seems that the hustle and bustle of the world has stopped outside, giving way to rest and relaxation.

“When I entered the shop, I was fascinated with the space here. The shop brings an airy feeling. There are many trees planted here, so the air is quite fresh and you can see the dreamy Huong River. Especially there are many beautiful photos to bring back," commented Nguyen Manh Dung, a tourist from Da Nang.

The appearance of cafes with open spaces creates their own beauty, making many people fascinated when they set foot here. In fact, tourists when traveling to Hue always want to find a new, gentle, and comfortable feeling. The shop attracted visitors by its peaceful beauty filled with surrounding trees where visitors can enjoy sitting and relaxing after a long journey.

Many tourists say Hue is much more interesting thanks to its friendly and poetic cafes. These are also check-in stops that cannot be missed in the itinerary of tourists exploring the Ancient Capital when they have the opportunity to visit.

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Beauty and fragrance of the Ancient Capital

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Beauty and fragrance of the Ancient Capital
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