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Person behind Hue archery’s success

TTH.VN - Amateurism, knowledge by trial and error notwithstanding, Lai Dang Quang made Thua Thien Hue archery a leader of the Central region, notched up many successes beyond expectations with his energy and appetite for learning.

Thanh Nhi and archery win bigHue archery reaches the continental level

 Coach Lai Dang Quang (outermost, left), the quiet person behind the successes of Hue's archery

"Tennis player" falling in love with... archery

More than 10 years ago, Hue archery was present on the national archery map. Even this sport was difficult to develop in the Central region. Many provinces and cities invested and then had to give up for many subjective and objective reasons, one of which was no achievement. However, surmounting adversities, Thua Thien Hue’s archery made a breakthrough and had sustainable development in the past 5 years. The talented archer Thanh Nhi is recalled. However, we cannot help but mention Lai Dang Quang, the person behind and architect of the success of this less popular sport.

Quang's journey with Hue's archery is like a real-life fairy tale. No one believes that this guy without professionalism would dare to risk taking up archery. Quang came from a tennis player. He studied this major at Da Nang School of Physical Education and Sports. In 2014, after graduation, Quang returned to his home province to work at Thua Thien Hue  Intermediate School of Physical Education and Sports. While waiting for the task assigned, Quang received the notice to take the training course in archery to train athletes.

The guy born in 1992 was unexpected and quite confused. Countless ideas and worries struck him, but Quang thought, "I am always willing to accept every task assigned, even the hardest. I see it as a challenge and an opportunity for myself." He returned to the place where he had worked for 4 years with a very special but arduous mission. He recollected, "I am quite vague and unfamiliar with the tools and movements. It differs entirely from the major I was trained. Archery requires silence, great concentration, and precise technique in every second and every breath."

Back then, Quang was also lucky to be "tutored" by a Korean expert, who came from the world's leading archery land. As a non-professional, he tried even harder to learn, cultivate and explore more. Quang always bears the advice from the Korean expert in mind: "If you wish to provide archery training, you must master this sport for ages before starting the training."

Since then, Quang started to learn about the rules, how to play, how to warm up properly, etc. He observed closely and seized opportunities every hour as he got acquainted with this sport. Quang learned from teachers, colleagues, and even athletes at the Center. Whenever he had new information, Quang took careful notes and gradually learned them. Only after 5 short months of training did Quang return with his emotions. He was both excited and worried, but in his heart, Quang maintained his will and determination. "No doubt, unpredictable difficulties lie ahead, but I have to try my hardest," Quang confided.

The first task when starting with archery in Hue was student recruitment. This task was so novel that Quang deemed that recruitment could only be made at schools. With a little experience, he laid down the criteria for height, appearance, flexibility, etc. Quang himself went to the schools, and at the first school, Dang Van Ngu Lower Secondary School (Hue City),  fortune smiled on this gentle guy.

Based on his observation during an exercise session, Quang chose two students, among whom was Nguyen Thi Thanh Nhi, a little girl with tanned skin but exuding charisma that grabbed Quang’s attention. However, the process of "panning sand to seek gold" started in extremely difficult circumstances. Hue archery faced financial difficulties, so it did not have any bows up to standard. The students even only trained with rubber for a long time.

For innocent children, these days are so arduous and demoralizing. Quang is both a professional and a psychologist for the children. Quang thought, "For all sports, archery included, when there is no achievement, it is very difficult for leaders to invest heavily. To have a heavy investment, we must strive hard for excellent results." Overcoming all adversities, Hue archery has step by step taken shape and seen its potential after more than 2 years of establishment. The turning point came from little girl Thanh Nhi.

Achievements of teacher and student

In 2017, Nhi began to leave an imprint at youth tournaments, and she was called up to the national youth archery team at National Sports Training Center 4 (Can Tho). Quang recounted, "Nhi’s disadvantage against her teammates is the lack of standard training equipment. A call from National Sports Training Center 4 said that Nhi was capable and needed a good set of bows to maximize her ability."

That was a hard nut to crack when a standard set of bows and arrows cost hundreds of millions of VND. No small investment. Quang managed somehow and understood that "for the home province's sports, a heavy investment in a potential athlete like Nhi is exceedingly difficult." However, Quang boldly shared his inmost feelings with the School Board.

Grasping Quang's inmost feelings and firm commitment, the school decided to provide equipment for Hue's archery. All repaid the trust and will of the teacher and students. Right at the first time when she joined the big playground at the 2018 National Sports Games, Nhi claimed a bronze to the amazement of the province's sports community.

Hue archery was well known, and Nhi has made giant strides since. She won the first gold at the National Outstanding Archer Award in Hanoi in 2018. A historic gold medal summarized the long journey, bravery, and determination of Quang and his students.

Nhi also gained widespread publicity when she simultaneously carried off 5 golds in the individual single-string archery event at the 2022 National Outstanding Archery Championship held in her home province. Aside from domestic achievements, Nhi also won the prestigious silver at SEA Games 31 right in Hanoi. Both teachers and students exert themselves to surmount difficulties to be recognized when archery was separated and work out the new development plans.

Story and photo: Tue Tuong
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Thanh Nhi and archery win big

With the brilliance of athlete Nguyen Thi Thanh Nhi, archery made an initial contribution to Thua Thien Hue sports "bumper crop" at the arena of the 9th National Sports Festival 2022.

Thanh Nhi and archery win big
Hue archery reaches the continental level

For the first time, the Ancient Capital’s archery has the athletes joining in the continental championship. Apart from joy, this also constitutes a basis to once again affirm the potential and real strength of athlete Thanh Nhi in particular and Hue archery in general

Hue archery reaches the continental level
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