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Rose garden and homestay at foot of Mount Bach Ma

TTH.VN - Embracing her love for roses, Truong Hoang Anh Tuyet (Phu Loc town, 45 km north of Hue) has long desired to build a homestay full of flowers. Moreover, it is also a link connecting with the community, promoting the beauty and culture of Mount Bach Ma to visitors.

Rose dumplingsHue antique roses

Her passion started with roses.

Nurturing her passion since childhood, in 2014, Tuyet planted a rose garden. “It was a dream I have pursued for many years with many obstacles. By that time, the rose planting movement was not reallypopular in Hue; so, finding a source for quality roses was difficult, and getting the knowledge and experience to grow them, was much more difficult,” she shared.

Despite the hardship, she still chose to pursue her passion. With the support of her like-minded husband, Bao Dan, Tuyet sold the acacia forest that they had cultivated for many years, to invest in the rose garden.

However, two successive seasons of roses failed. With the capital of tens of millions of Vietnam dong, plus many efforts and longing, what remained in their hands were withered, lifeless roses.

Being sad as her efforts were in vain, but her dream of a rose garden has still sowed seeds of belief in Tuyet day by day. The Phu Loc couple helped each other through the difficult days, smiling and accepting the challenge.

“For the 3rd and 4th roses seasons, we studied tirelessly to improve our skills. We believe that when we persevere with our passion, the success will come,” Dan said.

Making their way to Thai Nguyen, Hung Yen to learn and experience, Tuyet and Dan became pro-workers in planting roses, refined upon their cultivation techniques.

Tuyet (right) connecting with households growing clean vegetable.

The rose garden of the 7X couple (born in 1970s) is growing day by day. Up to now, the garden area reaches 2,000m2 in size. At peak season, they plant 15-20 different species of roses, with hundreds of flowers. Not only do they supply seeds and flowers to rose lovers, Tuyet and Dan decided to expand their dream: to turn their home-grown rose garden into a homestay that connects and supports the community.

“There are so many specialties here in Phu Loc. Moreover, with its location near Bach Ma National Park, visitors can experience the majestic mountains and, at the same time, enjoy and learn about the culture, cuisine as well as its local people”.

They have searched for quality sources of cajeput and lemongrass oil extracts, which are specialties of Phu Loc. Tuyet also has researched, contracted and cooperated with local households to grow clean vegetables (which are plentiful), awaiting the completion and opening of the homestay to be operated immediately.

This idea not only generates income for herself, but also creates jobs for the people living in the buffer zone of Bach Ma National Park. In the long term, it also connects tourist spots in the area to build homestay tours; reuses agricultural wastes; improves livelihoods as well as lessens human impacts on the forest resources.

In 2020, the Me Ly homestay tour which includes visiting the clean vegetable farms and flower gardens integrated with nature conservation, got into the semi-finals of the Provincial Innovation and Start-up Competition. From the passion for roses, the Phu Loc couple came up with the idea of a homestay connecting with the community. This model, making uses of the available resources, not only preserves the local products, but also promotes and introduces the warm and harmonious scene of Bach Ma to visitors.

Story and photos: Mai Hue


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