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Tea from rose myrtle flowers processed

TTH.VN - From researching the topic to participate in the Provincial Science-Technology Contest for High School Students, a group of students from Dang Tran Con Senior High School made tea bags from rose myrtle flowers, a unique product from the local raw material sources.

Tea artist Thanh Nhi and Ngoc Khiet TeaEnjoying tea in the Royal Palace

 A group of students from Dang Tran Con Senior High School created a rose myrtle flower tea product

Participating in the Provincial Science-Technology Contest for High School Students in the 2023 - 2024 school year, with the desire to create products from nature, a group of students at Dang Tran Con Senior High School had the idea of making tea bags from rose myrtle flowers harvested in Hue City. The group of 5 students carrying out the project includes Truong Thi Ngoc Diep, a student of class 11C5; Nguyen Thi Thanh Thao, Ngo Quy Dat, Ho Quang Hung, and Nguyen Thi Minh Thu, all students of class 10A2.

The idea took shape after the students went to experience Vọng Cảnh Hill  (Vọng Cảnh Belvedere Hilltop) and saw the beauty and uses of rose myrtle flowers. According to group leader Truong Thi Ngoc Diep, rose myrtle flowers are known for their many health benefits but have not been exploited and used effectively, so they bring little economic value to people. From available raw materials, they wish to create convenient products that are good for human health, contributing to increasing the local socioeconomic value.

In the rose myrtle flower season from March to May, students pick rose myrtle flowers. After being harvested, rose myrtle flowers are dried naturally in the shade and dried at the appropriate temperature to retain the good active ingredients in the flowers. Then they are mixed with Luo Han Guo and licorice in a ratio of 8:1:1, pureed and sifted through a sieve. Tea bags from rose myrtle flowers are packaged with a dosage of 2g per bag; each tea box has 15 tea bags.

With the combination of 3 natural ingredients that are good for health: rose myrtle flowers,  Luo Han Guo, and licorice, the rose myrtle flower tea products have virtues such as clearing heat, detoxifying, antibacterial, and supporting digestion for users. The tea has a sweet taste and light fragrance of myrtle flowers suitable for all ages. With benign ingredients and many health benefits, rose myrtle flower tea helps drinkers feel more delicious when drinking.

Rose myrtle flower tea is a new, unique product, not yet on the market, taking advantage of the abundant resources available in nature, enhancing the value of the rose myrtle tree. The product was tested and meets micro-organic and heavy metal criteria according to the regulation by the Ministry of Health.

According to instructor Nguyen Thi Thanh Thuy, the product is simply processed and does not require complicated machinery, so it has a low price. The products suitable for all ages will potentially meet the needs of customers in the current period regarding criteria such as products natural, safe, convenient, and good for health. The rose myrtle tree can easily live in harsh soil environments, so it is easy to develop raw material-growing areas.

The group's project implementation is aimed at increasing the economic value of rose myrtle trees, creating jobs, and supporting economic development for local people through collecting and selling raw materials, selling tea bag products, and tourism activities. Planting rose myrtle trees also contributes to increasing hill land coverage and reclaiming fallow land. The purple color of rose myrtle flowers also contributes to creating an ecological landscape for mountainous areas, helping to develop experiential tourism in the locality.

Nguyen Thi Minh Thu hopes that the sale of rose myrtle tea products combined with experiential tourism in raw material growing - areas will increase the value of rose myrtle trees, support people's lives, and develop the economy and tourism in the locality.

After winning the fourth prize at the Provincial Science-Technology Contest for High School Students, this project has just reached the top 30 in the final round of the 6th contest for school students and university students with startup ideas being organized by the Ministry of Education and Training, the results are expected in April this year.

Story and photo: CAT AN
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