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29 prizes are presented at the contest “Hoang Mai Hue - Spring 2024 Masterpiece”

TTH.VN - After over 10 days taking place of the 2nd Hoang Mai Hue Festival 2024, on February 7, the festival officially closed with the closing ceremony and the awarding ceremony for the contest “Hoang Mai Hue – Spring Masterpiece”.

Flowers are plentifully arriving to serve Tet marketSpreading the values of Hue lotusCountless types of summer fruit in HueOffering lotus flowers to President Ho Chi MinhUnique dragon and phoenix wedding gate

The artisans wining prizes at the contest “Hoang Mai Hue – Spring Masterpiece” 

Taking place from January 28 to February 7 at Thuong Bac Park, Hue City, the 2nd Hoang Mai Hue Festival, held by Hue Monuments Conservation Center, in collaboration with the Department of Science and Technology, and Hoang Mai Hue Club, left a beautiful and memorable impression on both tourists and Hoang Mai Hue-loving people.

In the framework of the contest, locals and tourists got the chance to contemplate the beauty of over 400 outstanding works of artisans, organizations, and gardeners. Those included many gorgeous works such as ancient Hoang Mai, Hoang Mai in large sizes, and bonsai Hoang Mai.

The event also featured many other activities such as voting and awarding prizes to the works participating in the contest Hoang Mai Hue – Spring Masterpiece; exchanging skills and craftmanship; as well as auctions of Hoang Mai Hue, etc.

At the festival, the Intellectual Property Office handed over the GI Registration Certificate to the product of Hoang Mai Hue to the Department of Science and Technology – the managing agency of the certificate, and the Club of Hoang Mai Hue was chosen to be the organization utilizing this certificate.

With 3 competing contents including Hoang Mai toa, Hoang Mai in large sizes, and bonsai Hoang Mai, the organizing board of the contest “Hoang Mai Hue – Spring Masterpiece” voted and awarded 14 consolation prizes; 7 bronze prizes; 5 silver prizes, and 3 golden prizes across the categories. In which, artisan Nguyen Van Phuoc’s works won 2 silver prizes and golden prizes in the Hoang Mai toa category, and in the category of bonsai Hoang Mai, artisan Truong Cong Huy had 2 works winning silver and golden prizes.

Hoang Mai Hue Festival creating an opportunity for apricot blossom growers to access the bonsai apricot blossom market all over the country 

Director of Hue Monuments Conservation Center Hoang Viet Trung informed that the festival was an important highlight considered a start for the chain of events of the Spring Festival, following the direction of the Four-Season Festival. This was a meaningful activity to honor and spread the cultural and artistic values of Hue people and the brand name of Hoang Mai Hue during Tet holidays.

Heading towards the goal that by 2030, Thua Thien Hue will become the land of yellow Apricot Blossom of Vietnam, over time, the departments and localities have organized various activities to implement the Project of Provincial yellow Apricot Blossoms. The Club of Hoang Mai has also carried out many practical activities, such as exhibition on Hoang Mai Hue products, organizing markets; exchanging experiences to promote the work of trading Hoang Mai Hue products, etc. The effort was made to create an opportunity for apricot blossom growers to access the ornamental apricot blossom market nationwide, bringing economic benefits and serving as the chance to promote the image of yellow apricot blossoms of the Hue land.

By Lien Minh
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Gentle lotus flowers

These days, lotus flowers are blooming profusely in the Imperial City, along the streets, and in the suburbs of Hue, bringing it a peaceful and gentle beauty. Lotus flowers have always been closely connected to the people of Hue. Wherever visitors travel in Hue, they will encounter lotus ponds and lakes.

Gentle lotus flowers
Tea from rose myrtle flowers processed

From researching the topic to participate in the Provincial Science-Technology Contest for High School Students, a group of students from Dang Tran Con Senior High School made tea bags from rose myrtle flowers, a unique product from the local raw material sources.

Tea from rose myrtle flowers processed
Spring in Hue gardens

People often say Hue is like a poetic lush green garden. When spring comes, the whole Hue garden is filled with gentle fragrance from flowers. At that time, flowers are not just flowers; flowers are also bright beams at dawn; flowers hide themselves under wings of swallows which herald the coming of spring; flowers ride on butterflies to show off their beauty and aroma; flowers sing along with birds on branches...

Spring in Hue gardens
Flowers on Tet holiday

In the days leading up to the Lunar New Year, Hue City becomes extremely bustling as flowers appear everywhere.

Flowers on Tet holiday
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