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The professor who has won the Nobel Prize inspires Hue students

TTH.VN - On the afternoon of August 1st, Prof. Gerard't Hooft, who won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1999, gave a lecture with the theme “Discovering the Universe”.

The young Associate Professor and his internationally-recognized research worksThe youngest member of Vietnam Physics Olympiad team

 Prof. Gerard't Hooft sharing his research at the program

The program is organized by Hue University in collaboration with the Association “Rencontres du Vietnam.

The program attracted the participation of more than 250 lecturers and students from universities and high schools in Hue City.

With the theme “Discovering the Universe”, Prof. Gerard't Hooft shared the knowledge and discoveries that he has made for many years. In the vast universe, there are interesting and fascinating things for every human being who loves to research and explore such as black holes, quantum gravity, the hologram principle, etc.

The knowledge and discovery of the new universe of Prof. Gerard't Hooft brings useful theoretical physics knowledge to university lecturers, and students of Hue, thereby inspiring and promoting the spirit of passion for research and scientific discovery among lecturers, students and pupils in the province.

Prof. Gerard't Hooft was born in 1946 in the Netherlands. He came from a family with a high academic tradition, and dreamed of becoming a “know-it-all” scientist right from a young age. He studied particle physics, a very ‘hot’ field in the last decades of the 20th century which traced the ultimate structure of matter at the subatomic level culminating in the Higgs boson and the Standard Model.

His two research papers published in 1971 for doctoral dissertations made a huge breakthrough to break the deadlock, helping particle physics return to quantum field theory after a long period of blockage. At that time, he was only 25 years old. The results were highly appreciated by the physics community and won him the 1999 Nobel Prize in Physics along with his teacher, Prof. Martinus Veltman.

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Professor Damien Roche  When I get old, perhaps I would stay in Hue
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Professor Michael Patrick Dunne and “predestined love” with Hue
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