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Thua Thien Hue aims to reduce plastic waste by 5%

TTH.VN - It is one of the objectives set out in the review meeting of the “Municipal Waste Recycling Program to Reduce Plastics Pollution in the City, River and Coastal Area of the Province” project, which was hold on the morning of May 23 by the Centre for Social Research and Development (CSRD).

The litter trap as a new model for better floating waste managementHue city responds to World Environment Day

Sharing experiences on sorting and recycling waste to reduce pollution caused by plastic waste

Starting the project from the beginning of 2018, CSRD has organized to implement it in 6 secondary and high schools in Hue city and Hai Duong commune (Huong Tra town). The project has instructed pupils and teachers to sort garbage at school and to recycle waste. It has also provided 477 garbage bins of different types for 6 schools participating in cleaning the beach in Hai Duong commune; introducing and surveying the location of garbage traps on the Huong River ...

After 16 months of implementation, the project has contributed to raising the awareness of the pupils and the community about the negative impacts of plastic waste on the environment; reducing plastic waste at local schools, on the Huong River and along the coastal area.

Representatives of schools sharing experiences as well as suggestions on shortcomings and limitations to continue maintaining and replicating the model

With an aim to reduce plastic waste by 5% in the whole province, the project promotes to mobilize the teachers and pupils in schools to collect and sort garbage by 3 types: organic garbage, mixed garbage, paper and metal. Totally, in about 10 months of implementation, the 6 schools collected more than 1,480kg of metal and  plastic waste, nearly 1,100kg of paper, selling scrap for nearly 6.4 million VND; forming clubs in some schools to directly supervise the garbage classification and recycling waste collection.

In addition to the 6 participating schools, the project has replicated the garbage classification model in other schools in Hue city and Hai Duong commune. Up to now, nearly 200 garbage bins of all kinds have been provided for Pham Van Dong Secondary School (Hue City), Thai Duong and Vinh Duong Primary Schools (Hai Duong commune, Huong Tra town).

By Hoai Thuong


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