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Young generation in Hue enjoying handicraft experiences

TTH.VN - Setting aside the phones and signing up for experiences in crafting their favourite handmade items has become a new trend among the young generation, earning the “pleasure” of parents and providing relaxing moments for their whole family.

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 Young child experiencing handicrafts

My daughter convinced me to join her at the Light Box workshop to make scented candles. She explained that there were a lot of participants, so she had to wait for her turn for an entire week.

I registered to make scented candles with my daughter for a duration of 120 minutes. The workshop owner, born in 1994, warmly welcomed us, presenting all the materials from candle wax, essential oils, candle jars, decorative tools, and guiding us how to make candle.

My daughter had the ability to sense various aromas of essential oils, and she joyfully crafted a delightful scented candle. Every visitor there has the chance to become an artist and craft their own unique “masterpieces.”

I came to realize that the hobby of making handmade products is gaining popularity among youth. There are various options for you to experience, such as pottery making, crafting necklaces and bracelets with stones, soap making, crafting bags, knitting wool flowers, and more. Depending on the product and time required, prices may vary. With around VND 100,000 to 150,000 in your pocket, you can sign up for hands-on crafting experiences lasting between 60 and 120 minutes.


In Hue, there are several airy locations that are not overly spacious but can accommodate around a dozen participants each day. The owners of these shops are quite young and adept at arranging spaces to be tranquil and harmonious. Since the materials are often natural, the worry about health effects is minimal. Many shop owners generously offer pastries, beverages, and soothing music, making guests overtime without knowing.

Inside the cozy space of Shop Hip, a charming young girl meticulously selects gemstones to create bracelets. Although she uses stones and threads like anyone else, her creations are remarkably impressive and personalized. She has become a regular customer at Shop Hip, spending around 2 hours there every week. Her patient mother sits with her, threading stones and expressing her contentment.

The mother shared that a few months ago, her child was engrossed in playing mobile games, hardly talked, and appeared tired, didn't want to interact with anyone. Thus, the mother decided to drag her child outside, spending hours together crafting items she adored. Most importantly, this allowed the mother to have more time to be close to her child and understand her better.

 Young people making scented candles at the Light Box workshop

I met numerous groups of students passionately embroidering and sewing in the way of young generation. For example, they were creating flowers with wool and making bags based on their preferred designs. Parents are satisfied with this trend, appreciating that their children are becoming acquainted with needles and threads, hence generously enrolling them in such experiences.

The owner of Shop An, who specializes in bag-making, revealed that there were days when as many as 30 guests came to the shop. With a crowded environment compromising personal space for both customers and the owner, she was compelled to limit the number of participants. The young attendees don't just come here solely for bag-making; they also seek a tranquil space to relax and enjoy the process with fun.

As the end of summer draws near, many young people have been equipped with essential skills, including patience, dexterity, and creativity through these activities. Experiencing with making handmade products is also a good way for youth to “recharge themselves” for the upcoming school year.

Story and photos: An Nhien
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