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Rescuing dolphin washed ashore

TTH.VN - A dolphin has just been rescued by fishermen in Quang Dien district (Thua Thien Hue province) and released to the marine environment on the morning of April 24.

A turtle listed in the Red Book released into the seaA valuable and rare sea turtle released back to marine environmentA 20-kilogram Vich sea turtle released into the sea

Fishermen rescue the dolphin and return it to the sea

At 6 am on the same day, Mr. Hoang Dung, living in Tan My village, Quang Ngan commune (Quang Dien district) went to the coast to check his boats and fishing tackles when he spotted a dolphin washed ashore.

Through inspecting, the dolphin has a length of 3.7m, weighing more than 3 quintals and being in good health. However, due to the rough sea with big waves, the stranded dolphin could not swim to the sea by itself. After a period of effective assistance of Mr. Dung and other fishermen, the dolphin were released back into the natural environment.

This is the first time that the fishermen in Quang Cong waters discovered a more than 3 quintal dolphin washed ashore.

News and photo: Cong Cuong


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