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A turtle listed in the Red Book released into the sea

TTH.VN - On the morning of November 13, the Provincial Department of Fisheries, in coordination with Quang Loi Commune People's Committee (Quang Dien District) released a rare 35-kilogram turtle into the marine environment.

A 20-kilogram Vich sea turtle released into the seaA 33kg Vich sea turtle released into seaAnother rare turtle released into the seaA rare turtle released into sea

The Olive Ridley sea turtle was taken care of at Mr. Gio’s house before being released back into the natural environment

Earlier, at dawn on November 13, while working in Tam Giang lagoon, Mr. Phan Van Gio from Ngu My Thanh village (Quang Loi commune) discovered a turtle trapped in the fishing net in a weak health condition.

Mr. Gio brought this turtle home to take care of and reported to the authorities and functional agencies.

After receiving the news, the local authorities and the Provincial Department of Fisheries were there to identify the sea turtle. It is identified as an individual from the family of Olive Ridley sea turtle, with the scientific name of Chelonia mydas.

This Olive Ridley sea turtle weighs 35 kilograms and is in weak health condition. Immediately, the authorities had a cure for it, carried out necessary procedures and then released it into the sea of Dien Loc commune, Phong Dien district.

The Olive Ridley turtle is a precious sea turtle in the Vietnamese Red Book, which is at EN level and requiring preservation. Earlier, in May 2019, a fisherman in Mai Duong village, Quang Phuoc Commune (Quang Dien district) also discovered a 7-kilogram Olive Ridley turtle stuck in a bamboo trap, and it was then released into the sea by functional agencies.

By Cong Cuong


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A precious and rare Vich sea turtle released into sea

After receiving a Vich sea turtle on the evening of April 4, the Quang Dien District Forest Protection Department and the Provincial Fisheries Sub-Department took care of and released it back to the sea.

A precious and rare Vich sea turtle released into sea
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