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A Luoi mountain and forest blurred in the mist

TTH.VN - The primeval forests of A Roang Commune, A Luoi District (a mountainous district located in the southwest, 70 kilometers from Hue City) are located around 15 kilometers from Ho Chi Minh Road. It will take you about two hours to go deep inside these primeval forests.

Gùi - traditional beauty of the mountainous regionCloud covered the peak of Bach Ma

Coming here in the early morning, you will have a chance to admire the dreamy primeval forests in the misty clouds. Many people have had to exclaim: "It is beautiful like a heavenly place!" as seeing this scene with their own eyes.

It is currently the season of scaphium macropodum in A Luoi. Scaphium macropodum fruit is a rare one, this tree only bears fruit once every 4 years, with very good medicinal and cooling effects.

Hue News would like to introduce to you a photo reportage on the dreamy A Luoi primeval mountain and forest in the mist, and the season of scaphium macropodum by Tran Dinh Duc Hieu, a photographer.

The sea of ​​clouds

The dawn at A Roang mountain and forest

The sea of ​​clouds is gradually scattered as the sun is high, and far to the right is the scaphium macropodum forest bearing fruit

The sea of ​​clouds is right above the camping area

The sea of ​​clouds in the morning

The scaphium macropodum trees in close-up

The scaphium macropodum trees are in the harvest season

A mountaintop is covered by morning dew, and the orange dots are the scaphium macropodum trees in the harvest season

An area with a lot of scaphium macropodum trees, with orange foliage

A small and narrow valley, with the stream in the middle is the place where the group is camping

The sun shines through the misty forest, forming streaks of light

A panoramic view of A Roang mountain and forest

By Hue News

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Exploring Due Son

Due Son, also known as Mount Le, Mount Re or Mount Ke, has a slightly pointed shape and beautiful form. The Eastern side of the mountain rests on Ta Trach Lake. The mountain is like a guardian god, standing at the upstream source of the Huong River, protecting the land where the Temple of Literature and the Temple of Martial Arts Saint are located.

Exploring Due Son
Le Brothers bring the “forest" to Hanoi

"In the forest" is the name of the exhibition by the twin artists Le Brothers, which has just opened to the public in the capital city at the Mo Art Space (Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi) on the afternoon of August 26th.

Le Brothers bring the “forest to Hanoi
Livelihood support for UXO victims in A Luoi

On August 15th, the Vietnam Association for Supporting Unexploded Ordnance (UXO)/Mine Action Efforts (VMASMA) in coordination with A Luoi District People's Committee organized a program aiming at raising awareness about Unexploded Ordinance (UXO) accident prevention, providing livelihood support for the victims, and gifting bicycles to underprivileged students.

Livelihood support for UXO victims in A Luoi
The book about A Luoi has an "echo" from the United States

While the article about the book "Echoes of the Truong Son" (Thuan Hoa Publishing House, 2023) was being prepared when I included it in the collection of essays "Life's Many Paths" (Writers Association Publishing House, 2023), from Ho Chi Minh City, Mrs. Dam Thu continuously sent touching feedback to Hue about the work that she had just "poured her efforts" into completing.

The book about A Luoi has an echo from the United States
The beauty of traditional culture of A Luoi reflected in sketches

Over 150 sketch works capturing the beauty of A Luoi region through the perspectives of both professional and amateur artists were recently showcased and introduced to the public on the afternoon of July 10th at Diem Phung Thi Art Center (Hue Museum of Fine Arts, 17 Le Loi, Hue City).

The beauty of traditional culture of A Luoi reflected in sketches
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