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Kien Trung Palace opens to the public

TTH.VN - Kien Trung Palace stands as a significant architectural landmark in the Nguyen Dynasty's court system at the beginning of the 20th century.

The restoration of Kien Trung Palace due to be completed by the end of 2023

In ancient times, at this location, Emperor Minh Mang ordered the construction of the three-story Minh Vien Palace in 1827, acclaimed as the “Thần Kinh đệ nhất cảnh” ("First-class Imperial Residence"). By 1876, due to severe deterioration, Emperor Tu Duc ordered the demolition of the structure. In 1913, Emperor Duy Tan erected a structure in a new style, called Du Cuu Palace; after Emperor Khai Dinh ascended the throne, it was renamed Kien Trung Palace.

However, during the period from 1921 to 1923, Kien Trung Palace was entirely rebuilt in a Neo-Classical style, a large-scale project bearing the distinctive Khai Dinh era style with intricate and meticulous decorations, especially the decoration using pieces of porcelain on lime plaster background. During the reign of Bao Dai, the structure underwent further repairs and additions. Regrettably, after only 24 years of its short existence, Kien Trung Palace was nearly completely destroyed in February 1947.

After 72 years in ruins (1947-2019), the restoration project for Kien Trung Palace commenced, and now, after 5 years, the construction is nearly completed and will open its doors to visitors in Giap Thin Lunar New Year (2024).

The palace interior has been adorned by Hue Royal Antiquities Museum with European porcelain, noble blue-colored tables and chairs, and palanquins, recreating the processions of ancient Emperors and Queens.

Hue News proudly presents a photo collection of Kien Trung Palace by Duc Hieu, the photographer.


A slanted angle of Kien Trung Palace

A panoramic front view of Kien Trung Palace 
 A rear view of Kien Trung Palace as seen from the Tu Phuong Vo Su Pavilion
A corner of the tiled roof of Kien Trung Palace 
A rear view of Kien Trung Palace 
Panoramic view of Kien Trung Palace  
Decorations on the front frames of Kien Trung Palace 
 The two dragons on the tiled roof of Kien Trung Palace
Dragon decoration on the roof of Kien Trung Palace 
 Dragon decoration on the front of Kien Trung Palace

Panoramic view of Kien Trung Palace on the principal axis of the Citadel 

 A front View of Kien Trung Palace
 A rear view of Kien Trung Palace
 A panoramic front view of Kien Trung Palace
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The golden era

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The golden era
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