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A look at rare and precious species in Bach Ma National Park

TTH.VN - Bach Ma National Park was approved to establish by the Government in 1991, with an area of ​​22,031 hectares and a buffer zone of 21,300 hectares, with a diverse and rich ecosystem. In which, Insects has 894 species, 580 varieties, 125 families, and 17 branches; Fish has 57 species, 48 ​​ varieties, 17 families, and 6 branches; Amphibian has 21 species, 7 varieties, 5 families, and 1 branch; Reptile-Amphibian has 31 species, 24 varieties, 10 families, and 2 branches; Bird has 358 species, 186 varieties, 55 families, and 15 branches; Mammal has 132 species, 72 varieties, 28 families, and 10 branches. Among them, there are many rare and precious species such as Pygathrix nemaeus, Truong Son muntjak (Caninmuntiacus truongsonensis), Takydromus sexlineatus, and rare and precious birds, etc.

Interesting summer in Bach Ma VillageCloud covered the peak of Bach Ma

That is also the reason why the photographers do not mind days and nights there, bringing along with them food and water to "hunt" rare moments of rare and precious species as they appear or look for food...

Thua Thien Hue Weekly would like to introduce to the readers some photos of a number of rare and precious species, which was "hunted" by Anh Quan, the photographer, during days “staying” at Bach Ma.

The cameras must be the dedicated ones

Waiting for satisfying "moment" to take a shot

Mr. Truong Cam showing his talent for calling the birds

The rare moment when the Pygathrix nemaeus is sunbathing

A Fringillidae bird

The appearance of rare and precious species, including: Pygathrix nemaeus, Dark Muntiacus, and Takydromus sexlineatus, shows that the nature there is well preserved (In the photo: the Truong Son muntjak (Caninmuntiacus truongsonensis) (the photo above), and the Takydromus sexlineatus (the photo below))

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The season of mist

This is the season of winter days with early-coming northeast wind, fine weather, and light sunshine. This is also the season overflowing with emotions for photographers and writers, etc.

The season of mist
Waiting to conquer Bach Ma running track

Following the success of the first running event, Bach Ma National Park is gearing up for the next race, with an increased distance. This information has not only excited local runners but also sparked enthusiasm among many domestic and international participants. What about this hilly route that attracts so many runners?

Waiting to conquer Bach Ma running track
Home for bears amid Bach Ma

Two rescued bears are brought to the "bear camp" at the foot of Bach Ma (White Horse) National Park on a day of early October to the cheers of wildlife experts and rangers. In the sacred mountain, this event marks a new stage in rescuing and conserving bears.

Home for bears amid Bach Ma
Bach Ma "Bear House" welcomes its first two bears

After more than a day of transportation, the two bears rescued in Hanoi were brought to Vietnam Bear Rescue Center II at Bach Ma National Park on the afternoon of October 3. These are also the first two bears received by this center.

Bach Ma Bear House welcomes its first two bears
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