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"Sediments of the Poetic Land"

TTH.VN - In the gala program “Khúc giao mùa” held to celebrate Vietnam Cultural Heritage Day on November 23, Viet Bao, an ao dai artisan and designer, has introduced a collection named “Tram Tich Xu Tho” (the “Sediments of the Poetic Land”) at Duyet Thi Duong Theater inside the Imperial Citadel.

Ao dai performance on the Huong RiverGorgeous Nhat Binh ao daiExhibition and demonstration of Hue Ao Dai sewing profession

For nearly 400 years (from 1558 to 1945), Hue was once the capital of the 9 reigns of Nguyen Lords in Dang Trong (the Inner Realm), and the capital of the Tay Son Dynasty, then the capital of the unified nation under the 13 reigns of Nguyen Kings. Nowadays, Hue ancient capital still preserves the tangible and intangible cultural heritages, which contain many values ​​symbolizing the intellect and soul of the Vietnamese nation.

Over the centuries, the quintessence of the whole country has been distilled and converged here, creating a culture imbued with the national identity. For this reason, when talking about Hue, people immediately think of the ancient walls, golden Imperial palaces, splendid palaces, majestic mausoleums, and ancient famous temples with tranquil atmosphere.

The collection of “Tram Tich Xu Tho”, which is inspired by the heritage of the ancient capital by Viet Bao, will be featured at the Hanoi Tourism Ao Dai Festival 2022. The festival will be organized by the Hanoi People's Committee from December 1 – 5.

As for the five-panel ao dai for men, Viet Bao has combined Ao dai designs with the traditional goldsmithing craft; in which, gemstones with the carvings of the mascots including dragon, unicorn, tortoise, and phoenix are added as accessories for the ao dai woven with the bat buu (eight precious things) patterns.

Hue News would like to introduce the photo reportage of the collection of “Tram Tich Xu Tho” by the photographer Nguyen Phuc Bao Minh.

Gemstones with the carvings of the mascots including dragon, unicorn, tortoise and phoenix are added as accessories for the ao dai for men, which is also woven with the bat buu patterns

The images of ancient walls, golden imperial palaces, splendid palaces, and majestic mausoleums are shown on the ao dai in the collection

By Hue News

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“Awakening the heritage” of Ao dai

A heritage must belong to the community, which must be held, jointly protected and promoted by the community, to be durable. The Ao dai is a special heritage of Hue Ancient Capital, and it belongs to the community.

“Awakening the heritage” of Ao dai
Ao Dai showcasing by the Perfume River

On the morning of May 1st, Hue City Women's Union, in collaboration with Hue City Labour Federation, Hue Youth Union, and Hue Sports and Culture Information Center, organized an event called “Ao Dai by the Perfume River.”

Ao Dai showcasing by the Perfume River
The Ao Dai Vietnam in Malaysia

During a recent tourism survey in Malaysia, Hue tourism businesses chose to wear the traditional Ao Dai when working with partners.

The Ao Dai Vietnam in Malaysia
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