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Spring comes to the highlands

TTH.VN - The mountainous area in the Northeast of Ha Giang in the early days of the spring is brilliant with flowers.

Cherry blossoms bloom abundantly on tea hills of Sa PaSpring buds

On the high mountain slopes filled with white clouds, in the midst of steep, dry and rocky lands, many species of flowers still vigorously grow high up to open their petals and welcome the new spring. Peach blossoms bloom brilliantly and gently spread their petals like heralds of the spring, calling boys and girls from all over the region to join the festivals. Along with peach blossoms, white plum blossom branches bloom like fluffy white clouds in the middle of the mountains and forests.

The spring not only awakens life in the nature, but also brings along bustling festivals. The locals in the mountainous area in the Northeast of Ha Giang buy clothes and immerse themselves in the joyful atmosphere of the spring.

The gentle and brilliant scent of the spring spreads throughout the highland villages. The spring brings colorful flowers, making people's hearts more amazed and youthful. In the dim sunlight, people's souls become more simple and peaceful, as if they have just awakened from a cold winter sleep.

The mountainous area in the Northeast of Ha Giang in the spring is a bright and happy painting. It is the time for people to enjoy the vibrancy of nature, immerse themselves in the rhythm of festivals, and cherish the most beautiful moments of life. The spring in the mountainous area in the Northeast of Ha Giang will certainly evoke the fresh emotions and leave memorable memories in the hearts of every visitor.

Hue News would like to introduce to you a series of photos about the spring on the highlands taken by Bao Minh, the photographer.

 A plow furrow in the spring
 A road in the spring
 A little girl and her basket of spring flowers
 A family warmly gathers beside a fire
 A warm scarf is also the rope used to make a swing on the peach branches in the spring
 The spring on the highlands
 The smiles of the children on a mustard flower field
 Being amazed by the flower season...
 Peach blossom petals signal the coming of spring
 Children in Lao Xa village, Dong Van
 Mong ethnic people are going to the mountain fields
 Baskets of mustard flowers beside beautiful faces
 The sound of lip flute and the Meo flute
 A Mong ethnic boy is playing the flute on a road leading to Lung Cam village
 Children in the highland areas
 Inside a yard of an old house
By Hue News
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“Homestay Street” shines brightly in A Luoi Highlands

Located approximately 4km northwest of the center of A Luoi district, along the Ho Chi Minh Highway, the eco-tourism area of A Nor (Hong Kim commune) has now transformed into a vibrant homestay and farm stay hub in the highlands.

“Homestay Street” shines brightly in A Luoi Highlands
Spring in Hue gardens

People often say Hue is like a poetic lush green garden. When spring comes, the whole Hue garden is filled with gentle fragrance from flowers. At that time, flowers are not just flowers; flowers are also bright beams at dawn; flowers hide themselves under wings of swallows which herald the coming of spring; flowers ride on butterflies to show off their beauty and aroma; flowers sing along with birds on branches...

Spring in Hue gardens
Spring outings at the museums

Besides the lively and beautifully decorated spring outing places, in recent years, one of the destinations on the days of Tet that many people have chosen to visit is the museum. Therefore, museums also open during Tet to serve the public’s demand of enjoying arts.

Spring outings at the museums
Brilliant Dragon Spring Festival

Alongside the significant programs and activities that have been taking place in the city to create a joyful and bustling atmosphere to welcome the Lunar New Year of Dragon, Hue City focuses on embellishing the streets to celebrate Tet (Lunar New Year), with the highlight of the 2024 Spring Festival stretching from the south bank of the Perfume River to parks and green spots in the city.

Brilliant Dragon Spring Festival
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