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Spring outings at the museums

TTH.VN - Besides the lively and beautifully decorated spring outing places, in recent years, one of the destinations on the days of Tet that many people have chosen to visit is the museum. Therefore, museums also open during Tet to serve the public’s demand of enjoying arts.

Typical works by Hue artists collected by Hue Museum of Fine ArtsRemedies for fine art exhibition in Hue

 Visitors visiting Le Ba Dang Memory Space of Hue Fine Arts Museum

Located on the “museum street” of Le Loi, the artistic spaces of Le Ba Dang, Diem Phung Thi (Hue Fine Arts Museums), and the Ho Chi Minh Museum in Thua Thien Hue have become the must-visit destinations for many tourists, especially young people. During the Tet holidays, these spaces attracted a considerable number of visitors who came to explore and take souvenir photos. Many young people shared that visiting museums at the beginning of the year was to seek a peaceful space where they could not only comfortably admire their favorite artworks but also relax after a busy year of work.

Returning to Hue to celebrate Tet with his family, Nhat Quang (32 years old, from Hue City) didn't forget to carve out some time for himself to explore and visit cultural and heritage spaces, with museums being the unmissable destinations. Working in the design industry in Ho Chi Minh City, the young man said that the bustling life has swept him along the current of work, so visiting museums at the beginning of the new year was like a longing fulfilled upon returning to Hue.

Nhat Quang’s favorite places are the art exhibition spaces within the Hue Fine Arts Museum. “The artworks here are truly captivating and give me a fresh energy for the new year. These exhibition spaces not only are beautiful but also conveniently located in the city center. What’s even more delightful is seeing the trend of people, especially many young ones, taking the time to admire the artworks,” shared Quang.

Like Quang, visiting museums is driven by personal inspiration and passion. However, some other young people visit museums just to take beautiful photos, then discover that amidst their homeland, there are incredibly unique artistic spaces. While wandering around to find the perfect photo spots on the second floor of the Le Ba Dang Art Center, Vo Phuong (26 years old, from Hue City) mentioned that this was her first time stepping into this space, despite living in Hue since childhood and passing by here every day. Phuong was not only amazed by the displayed artworks but also enchanted by the adorable interior space. “At first, I just planned to take some beautiful photos and leave, but then, as I viewed the artworks and read about the history of the space, I realized that this was a wonderful destination,” Phuong said and shared her feeling about the tranquility and serenity as she set foot here.

 The parents taking their children to visit the exhibition space at the Thua Thien Hue History Museum on the days of Tet

Meanwhile, in the courtyard of the Thua Thien Hue History Museum on 23-8 street within Hue Citadel, there was also an attraction for tourists with an exhibition themed "Vietnam Communist Party - historical imprints." This exhibition, perhaps the last before the museum relocates to a new location after 40 years of "temporary residence" at the Quoc Tu Giam relic, also somewhat captivated tourists.

The exhibition introduced to the public over 100 systematically organized and vivid documents and images about the glorious history of the Communist Party of Vietnam and the achievements made during the country’s renovation process and in the homeland of Thua Thien Hue in the past year. Many tourists not only visited the exhibition but also took the opportunity to explore the surrounding space and capture memorable photos of the famous monument - the only remaining university from the Nguyen Dynasty era in Vietnam and a valuable historical and cultural relic listed in UNESCO's World Heritage List in 1993.

Story and photos: N. Minh
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Visiting museums for a better love to traditional culture

Hue Museum of Fine Arts is both a space to display exhibitions that attract the public and, over the years, it has become a popular choice among students as an experiential school destination. Not only do they learn more about art, such as painting, installation, etc., but they also get to role-play and create works in their way.

Visiting museums for a better love to traditional culture
Spring in Hue gardens

People often say Hue is like a poetic lush green garden. When spring comes, the whole Hue garden is filled with gentle fragrance from flowers. At that time, flowers are not just flowers; flowers are also bright beams at dawn; flowers hide themselves under wings of swallows which herald the coming of spring; flowers ride on butterflies to show off their beauty and aroma; flowers sing along with birds on branches...

Spring in Hue gardens
Spring comes to the highlands

The mountainous area in the Northeast of Ha Giang in the early days of the spring is brilliant with flowers.

Spring comes to the highlands
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