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The Tet Fair in My Loi village

TTH.VN - The Tet fair in My Loi village (Vinh My commune, Phu Loc district, located to the South of Hue city) is traditionally only opened in the first three days of the Lunar New Year. The Tet Fair has been preserved and maintained for hundreds of years, showing the traditional culture of the countryside there.

The bamboo pole erection ceremony at the Thai Family Ancestral House of Prof. Dr. Thai Kim LanFamous flower village of Phu Mau on Tet harvestThanh Tien paper flowers in the crop of Tet

People go to the fair to exchange feelings and wish everyone and every family all the best in the New Year. Folk games are also organized to serve the fair participants. Thus, the fair attracts a large number of participants of all ages.

According to the explanation of the elders from My Loi village, the three-day market meeting on a high hill in the village is aimed to create a joyful spring atmosphere, and also an occasion to clean up the central market area, so as to welcome traders back to the market in the New Year, and be favorable and fortunate.

Hue News would like to introduce to readers a photo reportage on the Tet market in My Loi village, captured by Trung Phan, the photographer.

The market is held in the high hill, also known as the “chợ cồn” (the hill market). People have gone to the market since early in the morning

Areca nuts and betel leaves are the most chosen by people to buy at the beginning of the Lunar New Year. Old lady Doan, 75 years of age, a seller of the areca nuts and betel leaves, said that it was a long-standing tradition, the unique beauty of My Loi village, and they would continue to preserve and maintain the traditional beauty passed down by their ancestors

Mrs. Nguyet is buying sugarcane, with the conception that people buying sugarcane at the beginning of the year will receive the sweetness

Old lady Hai, who is 82 years of age now, still goes to the market by herself

Vegetables are the most chosen items

A little girl follows her father to Tet market

Ms. Thoa, who has one arm disabled, still runs her own fish and shrimp stall

Old lady Thuong, 63 years of age, sells the Tay cake, a typical cake of My Loi Village, which is made from glutinous rice and pork, and wrapped in banana leaves

The market is only opened for the first three days of Tet

By Hue News

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