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A Nôr is selected as typical Vietnam’s community-based tourism village

TTH.VN - On August 8, leaders of the People’s Committee of A Luoi District informed that the community-based tourism village A Nôr (Hong Kim Commune, A Luoi District – which is 70km away to the West of Hue city) has just been chosen as one of the three typical community-based tourism villages of Vietnam in 2019.

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A Lươi tourism has attracted a great number of tourists with the model of community-based tourism

According to the leaders of the People’s Committee of A Luoi Commune, Vietnam Tourism Association has released the related announcement; specifically, the leaders of the Vietnam Tourism Association had carried out a direct survey on A Nôr community-based tourism village. With the achievement in the development of community-based tourism, A Nôr village was selected as a typical community-based tourism village of Vietnam by the Emulation Council of the Vietnam Tourism Association. They will be awarded trophy and certificate of merit.

This is the achievement recognizing the development of community-based tourism on the basis of preserving and promoting the cultural identity of ethnic minorities and sustainably protecting the environment.

Mr. Nguyen Van Phuc, Vice Director of Tourism Department said that this achievement is the result of the district’s effort in recent years, together with the support of Truong Son Xanh project. Furthermore, Vietnam Community Tourism Association has also implemented support and consultancy about the model of community-based tourism for A Luoi in decoration, utilizing local items as tourism products, as well as the skills, and some community activities.

“Initially, the association expected to award the trophy and certificate of merit at the honoring ceremony held on August 13 of Vietnam International Tourism Mart VITM Ha Noi 2020. However, because of the COVID-19 pandemic and other objective conditions, this honoring ceremony will be re-organized later,” said Mr. Phuc.

Story, photo: Huu Phuc

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Unique team building in A Nôr

When the vehicle was crossing A Co Pass (A Luoi – a district located about 70 km to the west of Hue city), the tour organizer introduced that, this time, the team building (group games) would be very different. This activity would not only help visitors to be closer to each other but also be a chance for them to experience and explore the unique culture of A Luoi, and immerse themselves in the scenery and nature of the A Nôr community village...

Unique team building in A Nôr
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