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A shift in summer vacation trend

TTH.VN - The summer travel season is peaking, but unlike previous years, this year's domestic travel trends show significant changes. Vietnamese tourists are adjusting their travel choices to fully enjoy their vacations, opting for night flights, train journeys, or personal car trips.

Summer vacation in the ‘new normality’Launching a free reading station on the train connecting Hue - Da NangExperience traveling to Hue by train

 Tourists visiting attractions in Hue

Changing selection

As the school year comes to an end, Truong Nguyen Hoai An's family from Ho Chi Minh City planned a summer trip for their children. Unlike previous years, where they would book flights to various destinations or join tours organized by travel agencies, this year they chose to travel by train. An shared: “Airfare is too high, and traveling as a family of four significantly increases the cost. We took a train to Da Nang and then experienced the heritage train to Hue. In Hue, we rented a car to comfortably explore our favorite tourist spots.”

For long-distance domestic flights, though the demand remains high, but travelers are changing their flight time preferences. Due to the significant price differences between daytime and nighttime flights, many choose night flights to save both time and money.

According to surveys on airline ticket prices, early morning and late-night flights are about 30% cheaper than flights during midday and afternoon. However, most cheap tickets are primarily available early in the week and have late departure times, appealing to travelers with flexible schedules rather than the general public. Vietnam Airlines, for example, offers nearly 1 million night-flight seats on domestic routes during this year's summer peak season on June, July, and August. They also offer more discounted fares in “night flights, good prices” program. Vietjet Air, another airline, has increased around 3,100 night flights on routes from Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, and Nha Trang to various provinces, and they are promoting night flights with attractive prices from Ho Chi Minh City to northern provinces.

Besides choosing train travel and changing to night flights, many tourists are also opting for closer destinations, traveling by personal car. According to a representative from Viet Media Travel Corporation, the introduction of expressway systems has made road travel within 300km quite convenient. This has led to a trend of self-planned trips among families and groups to save costs. Many people use personal vehicles or rent cars to travel to nearby provinces and cities, enjoying the freedom of exploring at their own pace. These trips are usually short, with travelers booking tours or accommodations close to their travel dates to maintain flexibility.

Meeting the demand

According to travel experts and agencies, due to rising airfares affecting tour prices, many tourists have changed their travel destinations. Surveys from many travel agencies show that the number of road travelers accounts for about 55% of total capacity during the summer peak season.

To meet market demands, travel companies are investing in diverse road travel products by collaborating with reputable transport, accommodation, and event partners. Nguyen Dinh Thanh, Director of Eagle Tourist Joint Stock Company, stated that the business adapts to customer needs by offering a variety of service packages that cater to different experience preferences, durations, and budgets. The company also provides advice and support for individuals services to enhance customer choice.

According to Ms. Duong Thi Cong Ly, Vice President of Hue Travel Association, the shift in summer travel trends requires companies to redesign tour programs. To meet appropriate tour cost levels, they might create shorter tours that utilize train or car travel. Tourism service businesses, including travel agencies and accommodations, also strive to cooperate better to offer prices that meet customer needs.

Currently, travel agencies are innovating their products, from city tours to experiences on the sea and lagoons, and team-building activities. Besides, localities are enhancing their connections to attract tourists as well. Instead of single-destination trips, companies now offer multi-destination tours, extending the itinerary to provide deeper experiences for tourists.

Hotels are also offering stimulus policies and incentives for tourists, ready to support and serve last-minute ones. Many hotels are offering discounts up to 30%, especially for mid-week, or promotions on room, increasing their appeal to tourists.

Story and photo: HUU PHUC
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