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Announcing ticket prices of art programs in Hue Festival 2020

TTH.VN - The Organizing Board of Hue Festival 2020 has just announced the official ticket prices of art programs within the upcoming 11th Hue Festival.

Announcing ticket prices of programs in Hue Festival 2018The same ticket price to visit the Imperial Citadel of HueThe same ticket prices for international and domestic visitors to the Royal Palace from 1/9/2017

The art show “Van hien kinh ky” (Hue Royal Inspiration) taking place at the Citadel in Hue Festival 2018 will continue to be maintained in this Festival

Accordingly, there are 5 programs having tickets sold. Specifically, the ticket for the opening art program is priced at 200,000 VND/ticket; that of Ao Dai festival, 150,000 VND/ticket; art shows taking place every night at the Citadel, 100,000 VND/ticket; nightly art program at An Dinh palace, 50,000 VND/ticket and the ticket for the closing program costs 150,000 VND/ticket.

For guests joining in groups of over 15 people and accompanied by a guide, the tour guide is exempted from the ticket for performances, and children under 1.2m tall are free of charge.

By Duc Quang


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Experience Hue - Da Nang tourism train

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Festivals contributing to Hue tourism recovery

The people lining up in a long procession solemnly bringing the Holy Mother through the central streets of Hue city created a colorful, but dignified and reverent sight. On both sides of the road, tourists and Hue people stood watching attentively, because it has been a long time since such an event has been held.

Festivals contributing to Hue tourism recovery
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