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Attractive "Old Scent of the Ancient Village" festival 2023

TTH.VN - On the morning of July 22, at Phuoc Tich ancient village, Phong Hoa commune, Phong Dien district, the first day of the "Old Scent of the Ancient Village" festival 2023 took place with dozens of attractive activities.

“Materials” for Phuoc Tich ancient villages’ tourism product development soughtDuc Buu banh beo, banh nam, and banh loc craft villagePortraying the ancient village

 The festival is an opportunity to introduce a peaceful ancient village by the gentle O Lau River, which is now over 500 years old

This festival was held within the framework of activities in response to Hue Festival 2023, and associated with the four-season festival, with three main sections, including: ritual, festival and sightseeing.

On the morning of July 22, the activities within the festival section were held; with the highlight was the singing and dancing performances of the "Thien Ha Thai Binh", and of the characteristic "Sac bua" of Phong Dien. Especially, there was a ritual of ‘praying for a good harvest’ (Cau mua boi thu) of the Pa Hy people in Phong My commune. For the first time, this ritual was included in the program of the festival, and introduced to the public and visitors.

When participating in the festival, visitors also had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the "Old Scent of the Ancient Village" market; visit the "Countryside cuisine" booth. The festival also promotes the traditional dishes of Phuoc Tich; introducing and displaying traditional handicraft products of craft villages, as well as agricultural products, specialties and the OCOP products.

Also, on the morning of July 22, the organizing board held a drawing camp for children, with topics of landscapes, customs and daily activities of Phuoc Tich people; and folk games for visitors such as hitting clay pots while blindfolded…

The “Old Scent of the Ancient Village” festival in 2023 recreated the cultural space with community activities, in order to honor cultural and historical values; at the same time, introducing and promoting the unique values of Phong Dien land and its people.

The organization of “Old Scent of the Ancient Village” festival also helped people and visitors have the opportunity to better understand the cultural and historical values of Phuoc Tich ancient village, thereby, raising the awareness of heritage conservation, gradually turning Phuoc Tich ancient village into an attractive back-to-the-source tourist destination in the journey to discover the land of Hue Ancient Capital.

The festival lasted until the end of July 23.

Following are attractive photos taken at the “Old Scent of the Ancient Village” festival in 2023:

 Dancing and singing performance of the "Sac bua" by the locals of Phong Binh commune
 For the first time, the traditional ritual of the Pa Hy people was included in the festival
 The beauty of the Ao dai associated with the ancient village
 The famous ‘banh duc’ cake, made from natural ingredients, of Phuoc Tich people
 Visitors learned and experienced well-known pottery making activity of the ancient village
 Students participated in the drawing camp about people and landscapes of Phuoc Tich


"It's amazing that we came to this festival"

The artists were impressed by the affection and warm welcome from the audience, people, and visitors while representing their nations to perform and exchange culture at Hue Festival 2024 week.

It s amazing that we came to this festival
Bringing the Festival to patients

For hundreds of patients being treated at Hue Central Hospital, the afternoon of June 10 was a more bustling summer afternoon than usual as they enjoyed a unique cultural feature of the land of cherry blossoms from the Eisa Urakaji Drum Dance Art Troupe, which was participating in Hue Festival 2024.

Bringing the Festival to patients
Performing arts in the rain

The heavy rain on the night of June 9th caused a slight delay in the performance of the Double Impro dance group from Wallonia-Brussels, Belgium, at the stage of Quoc Hoc Pavilion. Nevertheless, thousands of spectators eagerly awaited the artists' appearance on stage.

Performing arts in the rain
Solemn Lantern Festival on the Huong River

On the evening of June 9th, the Provincial Vietnam Buddhist Sangha, in coordination with the Hue Festival 2024 Organizing Committee, launched the Lantern Festival.

Solemn Lantern Festival on the Huong River
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