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Hue is Building its Brand as a Festival City

TTH.VN - Hue city has decided that from now to 2020, it will focus its resources on developing the key economic sectors: tourism and services to build the brand of a festival city.

Tourists enjoy the Vietnamese ao dai at Hue Traditional Craft Festival 2017

Completing the infrastructure

Recently, Hue has paid much attention to investing in improving facilities to develop tourism and services. In addition to connecting infrastructure such as expansion of routes to tourist sites, opening of flights, accommodation and quality of service are also significantly improved.

Currently, the whole city has 430 accommodations, with more than 7,900 rooms, and more than 13,400 beds. There are four5-star hotels with 643 rooms, twelve 4-star hotels with nearly 1,500 rooms, 133 1-star to 3-star hotels and the rest are hotels with good standards. Besides, the homestay service is quite developed, with many good standard tourist sites for visitors to choose from.

Recently, the provincial People's Council passed and Hue city has implemented a project to support 14 traditional garden houses in the area to restore and repair to develop tourism. In addition to the support of the project, many house owners also invest more to develop the homestay models such as Mr. Dang Van Thanh, Mr. Ho Xuan Doanh ... in Thuy Bieu Ward.

Other types of accommodation such as guest houses ... are also invested and upgraded to meet the demand of tourists or backpackers who love convenience…

The tour links also caught much attention; apart from nearly 90 travel agencies, both domestic and international, leaders of the province as well as tourism sector regularly have working sessions with travel enterprises in the north and south of the country to bring tourists to Hue.

The investment promotion in the tourism industry is also emphasized to call for investment to develop the key economic sector. In the investment promotion conference in 2016, there were quite a lot of businesses investing in the field of tourism and services, including big corporations such as Hilton (UK), Bitexco, BRG ...

Bao La bamboo and rattan products attract visitors

Improving service quality

What makes Hue tourism not attractive enough to keep visitors here isthe fact that night travel products are quite boring;gifts and souvenirs are not diverse. Therefore, Hue has just held a handicraft contest in Hue Traditional Craft Festival to promote creativity and find unique products for replication, promotion, introduction and sale to tourists.

Mr. Ho Thang, Deputy Director of the Department of Science and Technology says that Hue has the advantage of valuable traditional villages, if we know how to promote the initial support and pave the way for crafted products, there will definitely be many more gift products.

Hue encourages and calls on businesses operating in the field of tourism, travelling ... to boldly invest in developing services to attract tourists. Recently, there have been businesses investing in the homestay model after the city implemented a project to support the development of garden houses to promote this form of tourism. Other forms of tourism such as eco-tourism, spiritual tourism, medical tourism... are also encouraged to become special features in reference to Hue tourism.

Promotion of investing in and training human resources in tourism and services is also encouraged by the leaders of the province and city, in order to create staff of tourism professionals, as well as to improve the facilities, especially high-quality services for the high-class guests, European guests ..., who Hue tourism market aims for.

Hue also designs programs, plans and constantly innovates the content, the programs of traditional craft festival to attract more and more tourists near and far. Hue Traditional Craft Festival 2017 was a great success, with the number of visitors to Hue soaring and turnover increasing thanks to the innovation of the space where activities were organized and the introduction of some new programs such as the ao dai, fashion ...

From now to 2020, Hue will invest and deploy projects, programs and plans in turn to step by step perfect the infrastructure and facilities to develop the key economic sector. Accordingly, from now until the end of the year, it will put into operation the pedestrian streets of Chu Van An-Pham Ngu Lao-Vo Thi Sau, finish works at the night market to serve tourists and consumers. Hue will also build a pedestrian street along the Perfume River and approve the detailed planning of the two river banks. In 2018, the city will establish a book-space, put the parks in planning, socialize the investment in the center ofbronze castingvillages... In 2019, it will launch a number of key projects of tourism development, establish the convention center ... In 2020, the smart city will take shape and come into operation.


Story and photos: Tam Hue

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