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Public bicycle-sharing project launched

TTH.VN - On the morning of June 5, at Nghenh Luong Dinh, Hue City People's Committee officially launched the public bicycle-sharing project.

Launching the service of public bicycle-sharing from April 29

Leaders of the province and Hue city, together with representatives of units cutting ribbon to launch the project

This project is implemented basing on the content of a MOU between Hue City People's Committee with German Agency for Development Cooperation (GIZ) and VIETSOFTPRO Joint Stock Company (VPS).

The public bicycle-sharing system in Hue is born with environmentally friendly criteria; suitable for short travel distances. It is also a new urban transport solution that help residents and visitors switch to a more sustainable mode of transport.

To use this service, residents and visitors download the app and scan the QR Code to unlock the bicycles. Then, they can pick up and drop off the bicycles at any stations without having to return the bike to the base station.

Leaders of the province and Hue city experiencing the model of public bicycle-sharing

The pilot project of the public bicycle-sharing system in the central area of ​​Hue city will be implemented from June 2022 to December 2023 and is divided into 3 phases:

Phase 1 (from June to December 2022): Piloting a smart public bicycle-sharing route in the city at 7 stations located on both banks of the Perfume River and in the Imperial City area (Eo Bau Nam Xuong, Eo Bau Nam Thang, Nguyen Van Troi park, Toa Kham wharf, Nghenh Luong Dinh park, the parking lot at Ho Chi Minh Museum, and No.11 Le Loi) with from 10 – 20 bicycles for each station.

Phase 2 (from December 2022 to June 2023): Piloting the bicycle system on a large scale of 19 - 20 stations.

Phase 3 (from June 2023 to December 2023): Piloting the overall system operation, integrating the features of the application, as well as managing, operating and maintaining the system to work stably.

Locations of bicycle stations associated with public transport such as bus shelters, parking lots, boat stations; cultural heritages, historical sites and scenic spots, craft villages, ancient town, garden houses... help the residents and tourists more convenient in moving when visiting and traveling to Hue ancient capital.

By Duc Quang


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