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Tourism returns to the "race track", promoting a two-way tourist exchange

TTH.VN - Vietnam's tourism industry targets 18 million international visitors in 2024, matching the “golden” record of 2019. Thua Thien Hue is a province that has a thriving tourism industry. To accelerate Vietnamese tourism growth, Ancient Capital tourism should leverage favorable conditions, particularly cooperation with other countries, to promote the exchange of tourists.

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Foreign tourists come to Hue by cruise ship 

The General Statistics Office has recently announced some encouraging news for the Vietnamese tourism industry. In the first three months of 2024, the number of international visitors to Vietnam reached 4.6 million, which is a 72% increase compared to that of the same period last year and a 3.2% increase compared to 2019 - a year which is often referred to as the “golden age” of Vietnam’s tourism. In Thua Thien Hue, the first three months of the year saw a significant increase in international visitors, which was even higher than domestic visitors, with 447 thousand arrivals - a 74.6% increase compared to that of the same period last year.

Tourism has made a strong recovery, owing to the success of favorable visa policies and tourism promotion programs. Additionally, it is worth noting the significant impact of tourist exchange activities. In recent years, the Vietnam Tourism Association, in collaboration with its partners, has undertaken several cooperation activities to facilitate two-way tourist exchange.

Typically, in September 2023, the Vietnam Tourism Association (VITA) and the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) Representative Office in Vietnam signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on cooperation to promote the exchange of tourists between the two countries.

Through this partnership, both sides exchange information about tourism policies, market trends, and statistics, and facilitate communication between tourism businesses. Based on this, programs are developed, such as the Vietnam-Korea tour program. This program is designed to be highly professional, and includes activities such as researching customer needs, developing products, advertising, providing tourist advice, and organizing tours between the two countries.

According to Mr. Vu The Binh, who serves as the Chairman of the Vietnam Tourism Association, the exchange of visitors between Vietnam and Korea will lead to significant growth in the tourism industry. Mr. Binh emphasized that the connection between “the two countries is constantly improving and only by accelerating two-way tourist exchange, can the Vietnam-Korea tourism cooperation develop and flourish sustainably.”

Together with Korea, Vietnam's tourism industry is making efforts to promote tourist exchange with other countries through many cooperation activities and tourism business connections, notably China, Japan, Indonesia, and Australia... According to tourism experts, the pandemic has brought about changes in customer behavior, and the industry has quickly adapted to these new trends. One of the ways to enhance destination connectivity is through cooperation in exchanging tourists.

Cooperative policies from the tourism industry, specifically the Vietnam National Tourism Administration, can potentially increase the number of international visitors to Vietnam. However, to achieve maximum efficiency, each locality must play an important role in leveraging the value of their tourist destinations through product development and effective promotional strategies. Taking initiative will be crucial in this regard.

 Passengers get ready to board and experience the Hue - Danang tourist train route

Efforts to attract tourists

In 2023, the provinces of Quang Nam, Danang, and Thua Thien Hue collaborated with the Malaysia-Vietnam Friendship Association to host a tourism introduction program at the World Trade Center (WTC) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. They also participated in the International Tourism Exchange - ITB ASIA, in Singapore. In addition to introducing new tourism destinations, updating information about existing destinations, and showcasing new tourism products and services offered by businesses, promotion, advertising, and cooperation with international partners were also engaged. The goal is to attract more tourists from Malaysia, Singapore, and the ASEAN region, as well as transit markets, including seeking opportunities for tourist exchange.

Mr. Nguyen Van Phuc, the Director of the Department of Tourism, has announced that Hue Tourism is aiming to welcome about 3.5 - 4 million visitors by 2024, with international visitors accounting for approximately 30-40%. To achieve this target, the local authorities and the provincial tourism industry are leveraging the advantages of visa policy and major policies of the tourism industry. They are also collaborating with partner businesses of partner countries to develop tourism products that are suitable for each tourist market. Additionally, they are focusing on organizing charter flights efficiently and connecting and opening new international routes.

Ms. Duong Thi Cong Ly, Vice President of the Provincial Travel Association, stated that the focus of the provincial tourism industry and the Travel Association will be on organizing FAM trip programs for international tourism businesses. The aim of these programs is to help them explore and learn about Hue's tourism destinations and products so that they can be better equipped to introduce them to tourists.

In early 2024, a group of over 60 representatives from various travel businesses in the Philippines visited the central provinces of Vietnam, including Thua Thien Hue, Danang, and Quang Nam, as part of a FAM trip delegation. Their purpose was to explore and learn about tourist destinations in the region. The province plans for further activities to introduce and attract potential tourists to Vietnam as a whole, with a focus on Hue in particular.

Travel businesses in Thua Thien Hue are working to establish stronger connections with overseas partners. Their goal is to promote two-way tourist exchange and improve the quality of travel programs. This approach will serve the foreign travel needs of guests while ensuring the rights of Vietnamese guests when traveling abroad. Additionally, these businesses are also working together to attract tourists to Hue and provide them with an exceptional tourism experience.

Story and photos: HUU PHUC
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Hue puts a spotlight on its tourism

Strong growth in the number of international visitors, as well as recognition from the press and the world’s leading prestigious tourism organizations, open up opportunities for Hue to put a spotlight on its tourism. It is expected that there will be bright colors on the big picture of Hue tourism in 2024 and the following years.

Hue puts a spotlight on its tourism
Hue welcomes the peak season for international visitors

Tourism is entering the peak season for international visitors. To effectively attract visitors to Hue, the implementation of promotion and advertising work with the right focus is considered a top priority task.

Hue welcomes the peak season for international visitors
Making international visitors “fall in love” with Hue

The international tourist market brings huge revenue to the smokeless industry of the province. If a good impression can be left on tourists, they are more willing to become tourism ambassadors who contribute to promoting the culture, landscape, and people of the land of the Perfume River and Ngu Binh mountain.

Making international visitors “fall in love” with Hue
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