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Two tours in Hue listed in “Top 50 unique tours bringing interesting experiences in Vietnam”

TTH.VN - Vietnam Records Organization (VietKings) and Top Vietnam Center have just announced the list of "Top 50 unique tours bringing interesting experiences in Vietnam" for the first time in 2022.

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Tourists visiting Hue Citadel. Photo: Nhat Linh

The top 20 tours of this unique tour list feature two tours in Hue, an independent tour and a joint tour with other central provinces.

Specifically, the independent tour of Hue is "Finding the lost palace" through virtual reality at Hue Imperial Citadel. The tour not only contributes to creating value-added products for the Imperial Citadel but also enhances the quality of experience for visitors when coming to Hue heritage site and creates real emotions for visitors when visiting the Imperial Citadel.

The other tour is "Heritage Road through the Central Vietnam", including tour contentacross the four provinces in the central regionThanh Hoa - Quang Binh - Hue - Quang Nam. This tour is a combination of tangible and intangible heritage and natural landscapes. The highlight is Hue with 7 heritages; of which, 5 heritages are privately owned and 2 are jointly owned.

By Duc Quang

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The Perfume River - A ‘symphony’ of Hue urban planning

As a ‘symphony’ of Hue urban planning, the Perfume River has carried on its historical mission of adorning the elegance of Hue, and is now being preserved. The river will continue to flow in the future, and preserving the Perfume River, therefore, is like preserving the ‘backbone’ of Hue urban area.

The Perfume River - A ‘symphony’ of Hue urban planning
UNESCO recognizes Hue's fourth documentary heritage

With unique and significant values in terms of form and informational content, "The Engravings on the Nine Dynastic Urns of Hue Imperial Citadel" was recognized by UNESCO as a Documentary Heritage in the Asia-Pacific region's Memory of the World Program on May 8th. This marks Hue's fourth UNESCO-listed documentary heritage.

UNESCO recognizes Hue s fourth documentary heritage
Proud of Vietnam’s national name

“Vietnam’s national name is the invaluable spiritual and sacred asset of the Vietnamese people; it is the pride of every citizen of Vietnam. From the depths of our consciousness, I am proud to be Vietnamese," Duong Phuoc Thu, a researcher in Hue, shared on the occasion of the 220th anniversary of Vietnam’s national name.

Proud of Vietnam’s national name
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