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Visiting the deserted streams

TTH.VN - Keeping the wild, cool and clear beauty of the mountains and forests, deserted streams are attractive and interesting choice for those who want to experience a new feeling this summer.

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 Visitors enjoy the peaceful space at Vung Thung Stream

This summer, instead of the familiar streams of Phu Loc, such as Su Brook, Mo Stream, or Voi Stream, Mai Chi Danh's family decided to spend more than 600,000 VND to go deep into the Truoi Lake Area to visit and experience in Hop Hai Stream.

Mr. Danh said: “My family goes to the stream every summer. In fact, every stream in my hometown is beautiful. But my friends say that Hop Hai Stream has a lot of trees, green, and few people, so I want my family to be able to visit this stream”.

Not to disappoint Mr. Danh, Hop Hai Stream, with cool water creeping through the rocky crevices and the shade of green trees, overwhelmed him. Mr. Danh said: “It's been a long time since the last time I felt comfortable and fully immersed in nature like this. My children also love it because there are butterflies, cicadas, fishes and shrimps here; they are free to bathe in the cool stream while looking at the beautiful nature."

According to the representative of Loc Hoa Youth Tourism Service Cooperative, after being put into operation, more and more tourists visit Hop Hai and Vung Thung streams. Hop Hai Stream is suitable for relax with cool water and lush trees, whereas Vung Thung Stream is clear and wide, suitable for those who are passionate about swimming and cooling off in the summer. Therefore, visitors are extremely impressed with the pristine space here.

Passionate about traveling and places with few people, at the beginning of this June, Nguyen Van An with a team of young people chose Phuon Waterfall (Nam Dong) to visit and bathe. Nguyen Van An said: “Currently, streams and waterfalls are not too difficult to go to. We went from Hue City Center to here in just over an hour, therefore, it was convenient to go back within a day. Whenever having opportunity, my team will "change the wind" with strange streams, both experience the new scenery and space and find great relaxing moments".

 The wild and fresh beauty of Hop Hai Stream

Phu Loc has the most choices with Hop Hai Stream, Vung Thung Stream, the streams that supply water to Truoi Lake. Besides, there are Cay Sen Waterfall and Tre Stream, "secret" streams, which are known by a few people due to their smaller scale. Going further, on the way to Nam Dong you could visit Phuon Waterfall; Xuan Loc Commune will attract tourists with Ba Khe Stream, which is being planned to become an eco-tourism destination.

Besides Phu Loc and Nam Dong, other locations such as Huong Tra, Phong Dien and A Luoi also have beautiful streams that few people know. Contrary to the crowded and noisy of the familiar waterfalls, the deserted streams bring attraction by the wild and rustic beauty of the mountains and forests, the clear sounds and the murmur of flowing water through the rocks and the sound of birds and cicadas.

The common point of these streams is the lack of accompanied services, visitors must be self-sufficient in food, drinks and life jackets to ensure their safety. One more note is to bring nothing back but photos, leave nothing but footprints to ensure the hygiene of the visited area. Only with that, streams and waterfalls can keep their pristine and fresh beauty.

June and July are the peak season for stream and waterfall tourism activities. Along with famous and typical streams of Hue, visitors will have more options with deserted streams with wild and fresh beauty. Actually, it will be a new and interesting experience that those who have the opportunity to visit will never forget.

Story and photos: Tue Lam
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