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Waiting to conquer Bach Ma running track

TTH.VN - Following the success of the first running event, Bach Ma National Park is gearing up for the next race, with an increased distance. This information has not only excited local runners but also sparked enthusiasm among many domestic and international participants. What about this hilly route that attracts so many runners?

Running in Bach Ma sacred mountain Returning to Bach Ma

 For many people, the Bach Ma running route has its certain allure

In late October, Bach Ma National Park and the organizing company revealed the opening of registrations for the “Bach Ma Mountain Trail 2024” race. Despite the official event being four months away in March 2024, hundreds of runners have already “booked” their spots in advance.

Increasing running distance on romantic roads

"It's a dreamy and incredibly beautiful uphill route. If you're passionate about running, conquering this route is not just a desire but also a true challenge,” said avidly Nguyen Hien, a runner with over three years of experience. The young girl from Hue has registered for the Bach Ma Mountain Trail 2024 race, expressing that although she has visited Bach Ma many times, this is her first time signing up to conquer the poetic route. In the previous race at the beginning of 2023, Hien had to miss it due to unforeseen circumstances

“So, I have prioritized scheduling to participate in this race in March 2024. From now until the official tournament, I will focus on serious training to conquer the route I've always dreamed of," Hien shared, mentioning that she has registered for the 33km distance.

Different from the first race in early 2023 with 3 distances of 3km, 13km, and 33km, the 2024 race in the sacred Bach Ma requires the runners to cover distances of 10km, 33km, or 50km, and overcome their very own limits if they want to reach the finish line successfully.

With such distances on a hilly route vastly different from normal road races, participating runners must undergo systematic training and suitable energy allocation for road sections with different slopes. In return, the race taking place in early March is considered the best time, as the weather in the sacred Bach Ma area is cool and beautiful, making it more comfortable and less tiring.

Furthermore, the attraction of this running route lies in runners enjoying the beautiful scenery of Bach Ma, with majestic overlapping mountains, lush primeval forests along the route, the melody of birds’ singings, and the sound of babbling streams. As they ascend, runners will feel intrigued by the panoramic views of lagoon and the vast ocean.

Why choose to run in Bach Ma?

“Hue has long been renowned for its incredibly picturesque running routes along the banks of the Perfume River, within the Citadel of Hue, or in the suburbs as well. Bach Ma is even more wonderful; the feeling of running amidst a national park is nothing like it. For avid runners who have conquered many mountainous trails in the Northern mountains, conquering Bach Ma route always brings a unique and emotional experience,” said Mr. Nguyen Vu from Hanoi, a participant in the Bach Ma race in early 2023.

In events like these, Mr. Vu always takes the opportunity to capture moments along the route as mementos, marking his own journey of conquering the running path.

Duc Tuan, a singer, recently announced that upon learning about the Bach Ma Mountain Trail 2024, he promptly registered. The renowned singer from Ho Chi Minh City invited friends with the question, "Why should one participate in the Bach Ma Mountain Trail?"

His answer is simple yet profound: runners will discover many surprising hidden aspects in the branches, grass, or streams. In addition, the participating runners also join hands to spread the message of wildlife conservation.

According to the organizers, the Bach Ma Mountain Trail 2024 is not just a running competition. It carries a conservation message for the wild flora and fauna in Bach Ma National Park. These species are also the symbolic representatives of the race, including the golden-headed box turtle, Red-shanked douc (Pygathrix nemaeus), white-tufted junglefowl (Edwards’s pheasant), crested argus pheasant, serow, and large civet.

“Due to the hunting, trading, and transporting of these rare species, their numbers are decreasing. Through the Bach Ma Mountain Trail, the organizers aim to communicate to athletes the love for wild animals and plants. This, in turn, raises awareness to preserve and protect them from illegal acts of nature destruction and spreads this message to the community. “Come to the Bach Ma Mountain Trail 2024 to improve your health and appreciate the pristine nature here,” the organizers conveyed.

Not only do enthusiastic runners but even Mr. Nguyen Vu Linh, the Director of Bach Ma National Park, feels equally passionate. The head of this park, once a runner in a previous race, is now training to participate in the upcoming event.

Mr. Linh explained that through the race, they not only seek to call for the preservation of rare animal species but also have the opportunity to promote the fantastic nature of Bach Ma to friends near and far. “We hope there will be many more races organized in the park. In the future, there will be other sports events suitable for the space and terrain of Bach Ma, allowing tourists to both conquer and experience the exploration,” Mr. Linh hoped.

Story and photo: Nhat Minh
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