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“Truc Chi” Restoring traditional values through Paper

Departure time: 8:00am Duration: Full day tour(around 8 hours)

Description: •“Truc chi” is a significant contribution to the revival of Hue traditional craft villages. Among all the research projects so far, “Truc chi” boasts the most applications andhighest efficiency”. “Truc chi” paper is not all about a kind of paper but it has become a special kind of art that highlights the traditional values, creative art and integration thank to the skillful hands of local artists. Join this tour, it is a great opportunity for you to understand and directly interact with this kind of art – the connection of “the tradition and modernity – the past and the present” using the bamboo as the based material. More-over, a trip on bicycle will bring you the finest feeling about the ancient imperial city of Hue passing by the Citadel, the hospitality of people you meet on the street and especially, a visit to the impressively architectural Thanh Toan tiled roof bridge, not only to enjoy the beautiful yet tranquil countryside but also open to a chance of experiencing the local’s life through activities such as fishing, rowing the boat or farming on the rice field.

• Optional activities such as: rowing the boat on Nhu Y River to enjoy spectaculars scenery and explore how they catch the fish by using some old tools such as  fishing trap, casting net. Experiencing the farmer’s work on the rice field or in the garden to have a closer view on the locals’ life. These activities will surely bring you unforgettable memories before biking back your hotel.

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