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Discussion on the development of green & blue infrastructure in Hue

TTH.VN - On the morning of March 22nd, Thua Thien Hue Institute for Development Studies organized a “Seminar on the Development of green & blue infrastructure in Hue City".

“Hue electric traffic - Green journey for the future”Promoting electric-based and green traffic in Hue CityRunning together for a Green Hue

 Participants discussing at the seminar

This is part of the “Nature-based Solutions for Climate resilience enhancement in Urban areas in Central Vietnam” project, with Thua Thien Hue Province as a Pilot (GreenCityLab Hue project). The seminar aims to create a forum for exchanging ideas on Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) and Green & Blue Infrastructure (GBI) in the urban areas of Hue City. This is the third time the GreenCityLab Hue project organized a seminar related to NBS and GBI.

At the seminar, representatives from departments, committees, and sectors, as well as lecturers from universities in the province, discussed a variety of topics, including distribution and accessibility of public green spaces in urban areas; green space design related to ecosystem service functions; challenges in planning and implementing green spaces; needs and challenges concerning Hue public green spaces; survey results on Hue green space design and functions….

The seminar recognized problems in Hue City's green space planning and implementation, including design and technology challenges, legal challenges, investment challenges, public awareness and attitudes, and so on. As a result, GreenCityLab Hue will incorporate feedback to shape future activities, ensuring that the initiative meets its aims.

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Smooth green Bang grass

Amidst the scorching hot in April, Bao Chau’s photos, which recorded the scene of Pho Trach villagers (Phong Binh, Phong Dien) harvesting Bang grass (Lepironia articulata) in the green field, like gentle gifts for all eyes. Under Chau's photo angles, Pho Trach is rich and peaceful in every hand movement, the smiles of the villagers in each step, from harvesting Bang grass in the field, drying, preliminary processing the grass, to making it into valuable handicrafts.

Smooth green Bang grass
Hue and Yellow Apricot

Each person and family reminisce about old times when apricot color shone in front of the Citadel. The Yellow Apricot - Hoang Mai flower is a symbol of spring, family reunion, harmony between heaven and earth, and the nation. It has surpassed its value as a flower to become a symbol of the Ancient Capital.

Hue and Yellow Apricot
Hue and Japanese students participate in cultural exchanges

The Vietnam - Japan cultural exchange program, with the participation of hundreds of students from Japan and Hue, was organized on the morning of March 28 at 16 Lam Hoang, Hue City by the Vietnam - Japan Friendship Association in Thua Thien Hue province.

Hue and Japanese students participate in cultural exchanges
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