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Studying abroad in Hue

TTH.VN - Transforming a model from the Center for International Education into the Faculty of International Studies, heading to the International School with joint training programs with foreign countries for students in Central and Central Highland region is a new and welcomed direction of Hue University.

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The majors of Hue University are heading towards a joint program model

Right in the first year, under the direct management of Hue University, the Faculty of International Studies (established on the basis of the Center for International Education) has two new majors, including Information Security and Business Administration.

Information Security major is a joint program with the University of Turku, one of Finland's top 3 universities and in the top 1% of the best universities in the world with a separate learning environment designed to promote the maximum potential of learners. Meanwhile the Business Administration major affiliates with the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce (UTCC), which is Thailand's oldest non-profit educational organization established in 1940.

For a long time, students who want to study international fields have to come to Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City. With these two international affiliated programs, students can study in Hue and abroad. With Information Security major, students will study the first 2 years in Hue and the 3rd year in Finland. As for 4-year Business Administration major, students will study the first 2 years in Hue and 2 years later in Thailand.

With this way of dividing the time to study abroad, students will minimize the difficulties due to far trips and huge costs. Spending from 1/3 to 1/2 of the time studying in the country not only reduces the cost of studying, traveling, accommodation but also is a way for students to prepare their knowledge and skills in studying abroad, especially their foreign language ability.

Studying abroad is a direction chosen by many parents and students. In this context, the implement of joint programs with reputable foreign universities to organize training in accordance with the model carried out by the Faculty of International Studies (Hue University) with international degrees, is the direction accepted by society.

In this direction, Hue University restructures its majors and encourages the opening of high-demand social sectors, as well as pilots the ones in accordance with the Ministry of Education and Training's policy on pedagogy. Hue University also creates conditions for learners to study Bridge programs or study two degrees in parallel.

Hue University also encourages the opening of majors and specialities in science and technology, information technology, new technology, automation and artificial intelligence, as well as services, tourism and healthcare, which are getting the social attention.

Collaboration with institutes of international education to train and meet the needs of "studying abroad" is being considered a "win-win" way for the students and their parents; the domestic education institutions; and the foreign partners. Thus, it needs to be developed and replicated.

For a state higher education institution such as Hue University, this is considered a direction in the process of transition to autonomy mechanism with full legal entities, decision-making authority and responsibility for training and research, organization, personnel and finance, in the spirit of the Government's Resolution 14 on fundamental and comprehensive renovation of Vietnamese higher education.

Story and photo: Phuoc Ly

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