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27/12/2020 - 10:53

1,000 "kid" athletes compete at Kun Marathon Hue championship 

The Kun Marathon Hue championship kicked off at Nguyen Van Troi Park on the morning of December 26. This is an interesting activity in the framework of the VnExpress Marathon Hue 2020 championship, opened on the evening of the same day.

Starting from Nguyen Van Troi Park, 1,000 athletes ranged from six to ten years old from many provinces and cities across the country were divided into ten groups. Each group started ten minutes apart, passed through Doan Thi Diem Street and August 23 Street, and finished in front of the Noon Gate Square, with a distance of one kilometer.

In addition to the determination through each running step, on the running track, the "kid" athletes also showed their resilience, ingenuity, and flexibility when overcoming four obstacles such as zigzag track, ball pool, A-shaped buoy, and ball tunnel.

After reaching the finish point, the athletes continued to participate in an interesting interaction with the celebrities familiar to them, such as former national player Le Cong Vinh, Ms. Oc Thanh Van, and Ms. Tho Nguyen, etc.

Some photos captured at The Kun Marathon Hue championship on the morning of December 26:

Getting started

The zigzag track, the first obstacle that the "kid" athletes must pass through

Next, they had to pass through a pool with plastic balls, which made them easily slip and fall

After the two obstacles on Doan Thi Diem Street, the athletes continued to conquer the third obstacle, passing through the A-shaped buoy...

... before crossing through the ball tunnel

The joy of a "kid" athlete when conquering the last obstacle

Depending on their conditions, genders, and ages, some children struggled hard to complete the distance of one kilometer

However, some of them were quite comfortable when reaching the finish line with cheerful faces. The important thing was that all of the kids were safe and able to complete the challenges

Oc Thanh Van's family joined the track with "full" smiles

The moment of victory

In addition to the medals, ten athletes in ten groups who finished first were awarded laurel wreaths

However, whether they were the first or the last to reach the finish line, they were still awarded medals, the medals of determination and effort to overcome their own limits

The joy when receiving the signatures of former national football player Le Cong Vinh in the interaction activity

By Han Dang