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25/09/2020 - 08:11

A multitude of artistic perspectives via the "Hue and the footsteps of discovery" contest

The photo works of the "Hue and the footsteps of discovery" contest have brought viewers back to Hue with poetic, peaceful, and compassionate scenes. There, viewers can also meet unique delicacies along with the culture of the land of “Huong river - Mount Ngu”, which can be found nowhere.

A photo in the series of photos "The beauty of Hue can be found nowhere" by the photographer Nguyen Van Truc wins the first prize

Photo contest of "Hue and the footsteps of discovery" is a part of the Hue promotion project “Hue is waiting for you”, with the purpose of promoting Hue beauty, scenery, culture and cuisine to domestic visitors, initiated by a group of young people studying and living in Hue as tourism of Hue in particular and of the whole country in general face difficulties due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the Organizing Committee, after more than two months being launched, the contest received photo entries from over 50 contestants; 36 of them were selected for posting. These works show a creative expression, with an artistic view of the ‘roaming’ beauty of the city by the Huong River.

From the image of the ancient Truong Tien Bridge to Hue girls in the poetic ao dai, or the incense craftsmen in Thuy Xuan, etc., all are captured in very impressive photo views, which are ‘very Hue’, and touching visitors near and far. Viewers are also "guided" to the peaceful countryside of Hue, such as Ha Cang, Vinh Hien, Huong Phong, Phu Mau, and Thuy Bieu, etc.

The Photographer Do Trong Hoai An, a member of the contest jury, said that the majority of the photo contestants are not "professional"; but their photos are able to exude the very natural beauty of Hue. They are the visitors who experience the beauty of Hue and want to introduce it to visitors nationwide. Remarkably, those works are very impressive.

Mr. An also appreciates the invested works. “Careful works, with the investment in techniques, locations, and stories, will increase the promotion of Hue tourism. These works deserve recognition,” said Hoai An.

The head of the Organizing Committee of the project “Hue is waiting for you”, Ngo Phuoc Tuan, said that the participation of more than 50 photo entries with a diverse composition and contestants from provinces and cities nationwide had made the contest in particular and the promotion of Hue tourism in general spread quite well. As the contest balances on the way of marking, which is both based on the interaction (the first round) and on marking according to the criteria (the second round), it partly ensures the professionalism of a photo contest and partly has the interactivity to promote Hue tourism.

In addition to the photo contest, there are also many response programs within the project "Hue is waiting for you", such as the calling for more than 10,000 personal Facebook accounts to change their profile picture’s frames into that of the project "Hue waiting for you", more than 10,000 #Huechoban hashtag on the social network when posting check-in photos in Hue, 10,000 gifts to be sent to thank visitors when visiting Hue and the “Gentle Hue” photo exhibition.

The work "The beauty of Hue can be found nowhere", together with a series of photos by the photographer Nguyen Van Truc, has excellently won the first prize of the contest "Hue and the footsteps of discovery".

This work is accompanied by the caption: “When talking about Hue, the ancient capital land, people often think of the temples, mausoleums, the gentle Huong River, the Truong Tien Bridge with 6 supporters and 12 spans, Thien Mu Pagoda, or Five-Phoenix Pavilion; the ao dai is also a distinctive feature of the ancient capital land.”

In addition, the first prize in the video category was awarded to the work "Hue in my eyes" by Le Huu Phuc Hoa. Besides, in the two categories of photos and videos, the Organizing Committee also offered many other valuable prizes.