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03/02/2022 - 20:57

Blooming A Luoi highland Prunus Persica garden attracts visitors 

After nearly a year of experimenting with the idea of ​​​​planting a Prunus Persica garden in the highland area from the call of "Giving the Tet Prunus Persica trees to A Luoi district instead of throwing them away". This Tet holiday, A Luoi Prunus Persica garden has blossomed, attracting the locals and visitors to visit and take photos.

Young people pose for photos at the highland Prunus Persica garden

In the first two days of the Nham Dan Lunar New Year, A Luoi Prunus Persica garden becomes one of the destinations with dozens of beautiful blooming Prunus Persica trees, attracting many locals and visitors to take photos. Many people wear the traditional ao dai to "invest" in their Tet photo albums in the Prunus Persica garden area.

According to a representative of A Luoi District People's Committee, the idea of ​​​​planting a Prunus Persica garden in the highland area began to be carried out right after the Tan Suu Lunar New Year 2021. As the weather in Hue city is hotter than that in A Luoi, the Prunus Persica trees after Tet holiday are often thrown away due to the difficulty of long-term planting. Leaders of A Luoi district had contacted leaders of Hue City Party Committee and Green Tree Park Center to ask for the trees that people had intended to throw away, so as to experimentally plant them in A Luoi district, while mobilizing officials and the locals to give support for the district to plant a Prunus Persica garden in the highland area.

About more than 100 big and small Prunus Persica trees, including many local wild Prunus Persica trees, have been experimentally planted in the area near the pine hill, behind the Cultural Center for Ethnic Minorities in A Luoi district. The special thing is that the big Prunus Persica trees given by people from Hue city and the locals have initially shown that they are suitable for the climate and the soil, and blooming right on the occasion of Tet.

Nguyen Thi Quynh Trang, a young person, who had taken a lot of photos there, shared: “If the highlight of A Luoi last year was the hills of myrtle and melastoma, an additional highlight this year is the Prunus Persica garden. A few months ago, I visited here but didn't pay much attention; and now, the Prunus Persica garden is full of really beautiful flowers. This is a free “check-in” destination not to be missed if someone travel to A Luoi.”

*Following are some photos taken by Thua Thien Hue Online, at the Prunus Persica garden in the highland area on the occasion of the Nham Dan Lunar New Year 2022:

Many Prunus Persica trees bloom right on the occasion of Tet

The locals and visitors travel to the Prunus Persica garden to take photos

A young girl poses for a photo in the Prunus Persica garden

Taking a selfie together

Many Prunus Persica trees are in full bloom

Some young people save moments at the Prunus Persica garden

Walking on the path in the middle of the Prunus Persica garden

By Huu Phuc