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24/03/2018 - 23:04

City’s youth leaders excited with first aid training by U.S. experts

Being furnished with first aid skills may help one save a life. Given that fact, the training on first aid skills was deployed by Vets With A Mission (VWAM), U.S. in cooperation with Thua Thien Hue Union of Friendship Organizations (HueFO), Department of Foreign Affairs and the City’s Youth Unions during March 22-23. The excitement and attention is high amongst the participants thanks to the usefulness and practicality of the capacity building activity.

The closing ceremony of the first aid training at Imperial Hotel. Photo: Xuan Nam

In nearly two days, 20 attendees who are the youth union leaders of Hue city engaged in a hands-on training on Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), and trauma assessment and treatment by a group of five seasoned medical practitioners. It is also interesting to know some of them are working as helicopter medics.

Trainees practicing CPR technique under the instruction of U.S. experts. Photo: The Vinh

At the end of the training, each attendee, alongside with a certificate, was also equipped with a first aid kit bag and an instruction book. As youth leaders in their community, they are hoped to be one of the first ones to encounter and handle the common emergency first aid scenarios on the spot.

VWAM, a U.S. non-governmental and non-profitable organization found in 1988, ran its first humanitarian project in Vietnam a year later in Ho Chi Minh city.

VWAM doctors examining a patient in A Luoi district in their medical trip in March 2018. Photo: Hong Tran

Since 2008, it has tied the knot with Thua Thien Hue Province and its long-standing local partner HueFO. Together, the two organizations have deployed dozens of humanitarian medical programs in almost all the disadvantaged areas of the province, especially the mountainous districts of A Luoi and Nam Dong.

Early this month, VWAM has carried out an intensive annual medical mission to provide free examination and treatment to about 700 people in A Luoi District, plus offered hospital and surgery expenses to about 40 special cases. Next month, VWAM and HueFO will launch their joint second medical trip of the year in Nam Dong district from April 2 to 10.

Story by The Vinh