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02/05/2019 - 16:00

Colossal lotus lanterns launched to celebrate Vesak 2563

On May 1, the Vesak 2563 Organization Board performed the rite of launching seven giant lotus lanterns onto the Huong River at the area in front of Nghinh Luong Dinh (Luong Dinh Welcome Pavilion).

The giant lotus lanterns were pulled out into the middle of the Huong River with the support of boat

According to the Vesak 2563 Organization Board, like many years ago, this rite is the opening for the great ceremony. Seven lotus flowers on the Huong River are symbolic of seven tranquil steps of Buddha.

Each lotus lantern weighs about 300 kilograms, is designed with a height of nearly 4 meters, and a width of over 7 meters. Each petal is made of iron and pinky silk. The lotus lanterns are placed on large floating platforms, before being moved to the middle of the river according to the set positioning. Each lotus lantern is spaced 20 meters apart.

After the launching rite, on the evening of May 5, the Vesak 2563 Organization Board will solemnly perform the rite of lighting the seven giant lotus lanterns. These lotus lanterns will be lighted by an independent electric generator, so as to ensure the safety and not to affect the waterway transport on the Huong River.

Story and photo: P. Thanh