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07/05/2019 - 16:05

School of Hospitality & Tourism – Hue University:

Cooperating with businesses in providing quality human resources

On the morning of May 6, School of Hopistality & Tourism – Hue University signed a cooperation agreement with Hoi An South Development Co., Ltd in training and supplying human resources.

The signing of cooperation will help students easily find jobs after graduation

According to the minutes of cooperation, School of Hopistality & Tourism will provide and support human resources for Hoi An South Development Co., Ltd., when it has plans and requests; organizing field trips at enterprises for the lecturers and students according to the training plan of the school.

Hoi An South Development Co., Ltd helps the students of School of Hopistality & Tourism develop their skills and professions; exchanging professional with students and teachers; offering advise on training programs; participating in practical training for students; creating conditions for students and lecturers to visit, practice and do part-time work, attending symposiums, seminars and job fairs ...

Moreover, the company also facilitates to search for job opportunities for students of School of Hopistality & Tourism after graduation by providing information on recruitment needs and prioritizing recruitment of the school’s students.

By Duc Quang