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05/05/2019 - 14:47

Culture - heritage and sea are the future of tourism

Central Region’s tourism is oriented to develop based on two main product axes: culture - heritage and sea vacation. Hue is one of the few destinations that have both these advantages.

The investment in Laguna, a resort in Chan May - Lang Co Bay continues to be increased to USD 2 billion.

Determining the development direction

In view of the strength for development, Hue tourism is based on two main product axes: culture - heritage and sea tourism. Certainly, those who give attention to and love Hue have already known this. In terms of culture - heritage, Hue is the most attractive destination of the country because of the colossal tangible and intangible heritage system recognized as the world heritage. Also, the rich history, unique festivals, melting pot of Vietnamese and Cham Pa cultures create the culture characteristic of life, architecture ... of the Ancient Capital.

Regarding sea tourism and products associated with sea, it can be affirmed that Hue is not inferior to any famous tourist destination in the country. Hue has a 128-kilometer-long coastline with beaches not only listed among the most beautiful ones in Vietnam, but also internationally recognized such as Thuan An, Vinh Thanh, Ham Rong, Loc Binh, Canh Duong ... especially Lang Co. Most of Hue's beaches are clean, unspoiled and untapped.

In the conclusion document after the recent conference on "Tourism development in the Central and Central Highlands Regions ", the Prime Minister affirmed that the strengths of tourism in the Central Region are culture - heritage and sea. This is also the development orientation determined by the Government that the localities must concentrate their human and material resources on developing and creating attractive, high-class products. Also according to the Prime Minister’s conclusion, the target set is the Central Region, in which Hue forms the core, will become the top destination for international tourists to Vietnam.

Tourists come to Hue and join in teambuilding games on the beach

The policy and orientation for development were confirmed. Regarding the orientation of the Central Key Economic Region as well as the province in the coming time is also very specific. For our province, culture – heritage forms the core, and the development of sea tourism serves as a counterbalance, thereby attracting more tourists.

In Central key economic region, Chan May - Lang Co was also chosen to be the future sea tourism city with a series of luxury resorts. The Government also made a decision to approve the master plan for developing Lang Co Canh - Duong National Tourism Site until 2025 with the vision to 2030. Accordingly, the orientation of this area is to become a top coastal tourist city of the country in the future.

Mr. Le Huu Minh, Acting Director of the Department of Tourism said, in addition to the supremely large projects in Chan May - Lang Co, other beaches such as Loc Binh, Vinh Hien, Vinh Xuan, Vinh Thanh and Hai Duong , Quang Cong ... all have investment projects. When these projects are carried out and put into operation, they will create a chain of resorts stretching along the coast. At that time, sea tourism will become a satellite that surrounds Hue City of heritage.

The experts analyzed the combination of culture - heritage and beach vacation will create perfection for each destination. If the culture - heritage attracts tourists to exploration and experience, the sea vacation will get tourists to stay longer and spend more money.

More products associated with sea

One of the most important policies the Government agreed with the Central provinces in general and Hue in particular is to provide a "special" mechanism to increase the capacity to develop sea tourism cities when the coastal route traversing the localities will be formed. This route is seen as the key to remove Hue's knots in transport infrastructure, Hue’s biggest weakness for a long time, to open up development opportunities for the locality.

The Department of Tourism’s leaders judged that the tourism infrastructure of sea tourism destinations especially from the city center remains limited. For example, in Chan May - Lang Co, traffic stays inconvenient. The coastal route connecting from Lang Co to Loc Vinh is also very small while the traffic flow here is large.

Mr. Truong Thanh Minh, Chairman of the Provincial Travel Association said that in order for these two product lines to combine harmoniously, their limitations need to be overcome. More products should especially be formed, and their quality should be associated with sea. In addition to sea resort for high-class tourists, beaches need to be combined with entertainment services, sports on the sea, diving tours ... for tourists to choose.

The Travel Associations of Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh City has just made a survey trip to Hue and worked with Hue Travel Association in order to build tours for the 2019 summer. The tourism businesses in both ends of the country said that compared with the destinations with other strengths in culture - heritage, Hue heritage site still plays an important role in attracting visitors, while others are nearly saturated.

Therefore, the businesses expect Hue to launch more products associated with sea. Aside from high-end resorts, hotels at suitable prices associated with Hue sea should soon be formed to attract a variety of tourists and facilitate the tour formation.

Another thing that Hue needs to do is putting a lot of energies into other products. In the past years, Hue organized many survey trips to the products associated with craft villages, ecology, community.... Meanwhile, sea tourism, the most effective products associated with culture – heritage, which plays a vital role in Hue tourism have not yet given real stimulus trips.

Sea tourism is always of great interest to tourists. If there is a good combination with the strength of heritage - culture, Hue tourism will become a more appealing destination.

Story and photos: Duc Quang