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10/04/2022 - 16:23

Enjoyable moments at Kun Marathon Hue 

Kun Marathon Hue 2022 kicks off at Nguyen Van Troi Park on the morning of April 9. This was considered the highlight in the framework of VnExpress Marathon Hue 2022.

Being excited at the start

With the participation of up to 2.000 junior runners, double that of the first tournament (in 2020), to ensure safety, Kun Marathon Hue 2022 took place with two shifts: from 7:00 am to 11:00 am; and from 2:00 pm to 5:30 pm on the afternoon of April 9.

Starting from Nguyen Van Troi Park, the junior runners aged 6-10 from various cities and provinces all over the country divided into 20 groups and respectively ran across Doan Thi Diem street to 23/8 street and finished in front of Ngo Mon Gate with the total distance of 1km.

Not only competing in the race but runners also expressed their ingenuity, flexibility, and toughness while conquering 4 stylized obstacles from Hue’s famous landscapes including: “Dao thon Vy Da” (Strolling Vy Da Hamlet); “Chinh phuc nui Ngu” (Conquering Mount Ngu Binh); “Theo nhịp Truong Tien” (Following Truong Tien Spans), and “Vuot Hai Van Quan” (Crossing Hai Van Gate) .

After overcoming 4 obstacles, at the last 500m, the junior runners speeded up to finish their line and stepped to an interesting exchange with familiar celebrities such as Tieu Bao Bao, Do Kim Phuc, Bao Ngoc, and Boi Boi, etc.

In addition to helping them take physical training, becoming more confident and stronger, this event also helped the children get a chance to exchange and make friends with friends across the country, as well as receive the promotion of free entrance to the world’s cultural relics and heritage in the Ancient Capital.

Some pictures taken at Kun Marathon Hue 2022:

Warming up

Children’s smiles are the main goal of the tournament

Passing Hien Nhon Gate – Hue Imperial Citadel

Some runners asking their parents to hold their hands to the race

“Strolling Vy Da Hamlet” – the first obstacle of the tournament

Then, the runner “Conquering Mount Ngu Binh” – the model of Mount Ngu Binh made from buoys

“Following Truong Tien Spans” – the third obstacle asking runners to show their resilience and ingenuity

“Crossing Hai Van Gate” – the last obstacles in the journey of Kun Marathon Hue 2022

The cute expression of a junior runner when speeding up to finish the race

The joy of reaching the finish line

By Han Dang