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14/12/2021 - 16:14

Finding Hue initiatives - Green space, Green city

The contest “Hue Initiatives - Green Space, Green City” is a place for young people and citizens to propose breakthrough and creative ideas that can transform potential areas in Hue city into multi-functional green spaces, adapting to climate change, improving public health and promoting sustainable development.

The contest aiming at finding proposals to transform potential areas in Hue city into multi-functional green spaces.

On December 13, the Provincial Development Research Institute said that it had issued a notice about the contest “Hue Initiative - Green space, Green city”. The contest is a part of the research project GreenCityLabHue sponsored by the Ministry of Research and Education, the Federal Republic of Germany (BMBF) with the participation of many domestic and foreign universities and research institutes.

Accordingly, designing green space in residential areas in Hue city is the required content of the contest. Participants are students currently living and studying in the province who are studying related disciplines such as architecture, urban planning, geography, biology, sociology, geology, history, environment, fine arts, public health. In addition, related individuals and groups can also participate in the contest.

According to the organizers, the group or individual participating in the contest will submit their ideas via online form. The ideas will be judged and marked in many different rounds before the awards are announced.

It is expected that there will be 4 excellent innovative awards with a value of 10 million VND/each, and 1 favorite initiative worth 3 million VND. In addition, each contest round will award 16 more semi-finalist innovatives worth 1 million VND/each; and, 8 finalist initiatives will be supported 1.5 million VND/each.

By Nhat Minh