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06/11/2021 - 16:27

Gift from the sea in windy season 

Taking advantage of sunny days and favorable weather, fishermen in coastal communes of Phu Vang went out to sea to catch fish, making up for the rainy and windy days that had lasted for nearly a month.

Then, the sea did not disappoint the fishmen. Every boat arriving at the dock was full of fishes, especially during the season of bumalo, and it was still sold at good price.

Thua Thien Hue Weekly would like to introduce the busy life of Phu Vang fishermen in their lucky days by Tran Thao.

Fishermen help each other bring boats ashore

The wives are excited to carry the sea gifts ashore

Sorting and buying fish right at the beach

Bumalo in its early season

A lot of delicious dishes such as poaching, soup, hot pot... can be processed with bumalo

By Thua Thien Hue Weekly