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27/07/2020 - 09:20

Going to Hon Chao to eat seafood, dive and watch coral 

Located about ten nautical miles from Lang Co (Phu Loc), it takes you about 15 minutes by canoe to reach Hon Chao island, or also known as Ngoc island. The island has the wild and charming beauty, with over 144 species of coral, 135 species of seaweed, and approximate 162 colorful species of fish.

Coming to the island, visitors can dive to watch coral, and seaweed, etc., and experience rowing SUPs, basket boats, catching fish, and then grill the fish on charcoal stove themselves. Surely, you will have an interesting experience trip this summer.

What are you waiting for but backpack yourselves and go to Hue to explore Hon Chao on these beautiful sunny days! If you are hesitant about your decision, let's take a look at the photos of Hon Chao captured by Nguyen Phong, a photographer, in his experience trip with his family at Hon Chao!

The main beach of Hon Chao is viewed from Da Nang towards Hue

Visitors can set up camping tents overnight after visiting and experiencing Hon Chao

Visitors can experience rowing basket boats, rowing SUP, and catching fish

The fish, sea snails, and chickens raised on the island