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05/05/2020 - 09:14

Non-formal training resolves difficulties for College of Arts, Hue University

After a period of time facing difficulties, positive impacts from the form of non-formal training and changes in operational solutions are new steps in the right direction to overcome difficulties for the training staff of the College of Arts.

Hue College of Arts having enrollment consultation with student candidates

Postive signs

The school year 2019 - 2021 (admission in 2019) with non-formal training system (college transferring to university), College of Arts, Hue University recruited 450 candidates out of 470 as it aimed at. Compared to previous years, with usually less than 200 candidates, this has been one of the most successful courses in admissions.

Dr. Do Xuan Phu, Vice Rector in charge of the Hue College of Arts shared that the positive sign was partly due to the favorable condition from the Law on Education 2019, requiring teachers from elementary and junior high schools to have a university degree. Besides, the activities of attracting learners were effective, especially in the 15 provinces and cities from Thanh Hoa to Tay Ninh, despite the competitiveness in student recruitment.

 “Recruitment for formal university education in recent years has become a common problem throughout the country. Last year, only 47 candidates successfully applied to the school's training majors. The non-formal education effectively helped teachers make up for formal teaching hours, including faculties that did not call for non-formal learners being able to be mobilized to teach relating courses. In addition, this contributed to the school's welfare, the benefits of officers and lecturers and a part of salaries to officers (in the form of State – School with 70% - 30% respectively)," Dr. Do Xuan Phu emphasized.

According to Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Quang Linh, Director of Hue University, this solution is thriving and creating more opportunities for the upcoming admission seasons.

Attracting projects through the model of Center of Fine Arts Practice is expected to resolve many difficulties ( Illustration photo)

Representative of the school’s admissions department shared that non-formal education had showed its potential, especially the form of college transferring to university training program specialized in graphic design.

According to surveys, the demand for college training of this profession is rising recently, such as: Nha Trang - Khanh Hoa College of Arts and Culture (now Khanh Hoa University, without related department at University level), Nghe An College of Arts and Culture, and now there are two more schools that also teach the aforementioned field, namely Da Nang Culture and Arts College and Nguyen Du College of Culture, Sports and Tourism (Ha Tinh). This opens up opportunities for non-formal education admissions, as the demand for improving educational level is quite high.

Solving difficulties with innovative measures

Strategies for non-formal education have partially solved some problems without long-term assurance. Therefore, continuing to find solutions for difficulties is a must for Hue College of Arts.

In 2019, the fact that Hue College of Arts announced the termination of contracts with dozens of lecturers showed that the situation was extremely difficult in arts training without a specific mechanism.

The representative of the school's leaders shared that it was expected that in the year 2020 or the beginning of 2021, the school would re-open the Fine Arts Practice Center. This model was established in 1988 (under the name of Center for Fine Arts and Music) but in 2011 - 2012 school year, it had to be suspended due to the "subsidized" form in operation.

Dr. Do Xuan Phu affirmed that the new operating model would be completely different, the school only paid salaries to the center director, other officials participated voluntarily. The center connected with units, individuals and partners to attract projects and orders for officials and lecturers to implement together.

“In the first 2 or 3 years, the center will be exempted from payment to equip itself with the facilities, human resources; then it would pay the welfare to the school later. Students can also participate in it,and it's like a real, educational environment. Currently, the school has had a project, and has prepared the plan of the premises and rooms and is discussing the personnel plan," Dr. Do Xuan Phu shared.

According to Phan Quang Tan, MA., a staff member of Hue College of Arts, the model of Fine Arts Practice Center, mentioned by many officials in recent discussion, had met with difficulties; if being put into operation again, it is expected to solve problem, enhancing opportunities for officials to do their jobs and earn more income.

In addition to the above model, according to the representative of the school, the school would still focus on measures to promote enrollment, opening some more formal majors, especially the heritage restoration and preservation or animation. These are the professions that attract labor market, with high demand, drawing learners’ attention.

Story, photos: HUU PHUC