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31/12/2021 - 15:17

Preserving and promoting the value of Sino - Demotic Characters heritage

This was the topic of a scientific workshop, which was organized by the Provincial General Library on the afternoon of December 30. The workshop was aimed to comprehensively evaluate the conservation and promotion of the value of Han - Nom (Sino- Demotic characters) heritage, ​​collected and digitized in the past time.

The Researcher Nguyen Xuan Hoa affirmed that the Han - Nom documents in Thua Thien Hue were very valuable

The presentations at the workshop focused on a number of issues such as the value of content of the Han - Nom documents, currently preserved and worshiped in villages, clans and families; the Buddhist woodblock heritage; the status and solutions to preserve and promote the value of Han - Nom heritage in the current context, as well as the coordination in collecting and digitizing Han-Nom heritage by the Provincial General Library and related units, etc.

The workshop also focused on assessing the current situation, difficulties and advantages in the process of accessing Han - Nom documents in villages, clans, private houses and palaces in the province area; the cooperation in science, technical means, technologies and human resources to collect and digitize Han-Nom documents in the past time, and the orientation for future cooperation.

At the same time, the workshop considered clarifying the role and value of various types of Han - Nom documents, which have been collected and digitized by the Provincial General Library over the past time; and proposing solutions to implement the Decision approving the plan of collection, digitization, preservation, restoration and promotion of the value of Han - Nom documents in the province area within the period of 2020-2024.

The researcher Nguyen Xuan Hoa affirmed that the Han - Nom documents in Thua Thien Hue had added valuable documents to the Han - Nom archives in Vietnam. Through the collected documents, it is possible to imagine that the treasure of Han - Nom heritage of the Nguyen dynasty had been created and kept in Hue in the past was very abundant, and in very large volume. The researchers once evaluated this treasure as massive, which was several times more than the total amount of Han - Nom documents of the previous dynasties; and its value of the content was also of better quality.

By Minh Hien