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12/11/2018 - 10:41

Researcher Tran Duc Anh Son brings out his book set on Hue

On November 10th, Omega Vietnam Books held a talk with researcher Tran Duc Anh Son at the provincial Culture and Information Centre and brought out his book set on Hue, as a part of the half-price book festival lasting from November 8th to 12th.

Researcher Tran Duc Anh Son talked with readers

The book set on Hue by researcher Tran Duc Anh Son consists of three books that have just been republished: “Hue - the Nguyen dynasty, a look”, “Games and pastimes of Hue people” and “Vietnam Boat building industry and boats during the Nguyen dynasty”.

The book “Hue - the Nguyen dynasty, a look” is a collection of articles that analyze human ecology, history and culture of Hue and the Nguyen dynasty in the country's history.

“Games and pastimes of Hue people” includes a set of research, descriptions and analyses of traditional games and pastimes of Hue people, such as: poem reciting, painting-poem-literature antiphony, tea enjoying, boat racing, kite flying, Xam huong...

“Vietnam Boat building and boats during Nguyen Dynasty” provides an overview of the boat building industry and boats in Dang Trong (Inner Realm or Cochinchine) under the Nguyen lords, and in Vietnam in the early period of the Nguyen dynasty (1802-1945).

The book set on Hue

“The books were reprinted for the 3rd time but they were edited with new contents, showing different perspectives on historical characters and events. I am honesty and objective through each page of the books when reflecting the mentioned contents as well as demonstrating positives and limits of the Nguyen dynasty. They also express my love for Hue through the book pages,” shared Trần Đức Anh Son.

Tran Duc Anh Son is a researcher of the post-1975 generation who became mature in scientific research after the 1986 Doi Moi (Renovation). The book set is a thorough research effort of the author. In spite of its familiar topic, it has an interesting and multi-dimensional approach and is close to readers. Besides, the author provided accurate and scientific but simple and arch expression. The book set will bring about lots of new information, materials and awareness to readers.

Story, photos: Minh Hien