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19/04/2020 - 07:18

The shape of An Van Duong new urban area

From the low-lying land for rice-growing, An Van Duong area is covered with high-rise apartment buildings, and villas, etc., with an area of​​about 2,200 hectares.

The shape of The Manor Crown urban area in An Van Duong new urban area


Located at the southern gateway of Hue City, The Manor Crown Hue new urban area has been initially shaped, and has been called by the online community with a beautiful name "the Europe in the heart of the city". Up to now, The Manor Crown Tower has been basically completed.

Mr. Do Van Chung, Deputy General Director of Minh Dien Vital Real Estate Joint Stock Company shared that they were speeding up the implementation progress of The Manor Crown Tower area, acceptance procedures were expected to be completed this April so as to put the project into use on the occasion of Vietnam Reunification Day (April 30) and International Labor Day (May 1). By putting the urban area of ​​The Manor Crown Hue into operation, a highlight in urban development of Thua Thien Hue Province in general and An Van Duong new urban area in particular will be created.

“When the project comes into operation, we will focus on creating landscape, space, green trees, utilities, and also management work of operation, public order, with the goal of building the new urban area of ​​The Manor Crown Hue into a model of civilized and friendly urban area,” Mr. Chung expected.

The projects that had been "frozen" for many years, including the new urban area of ​​South East Thuy An, have also been restarted with the successful transfer of the project in the form of debt receipt between No. 8 Investment and Construction Joint Stock Company and Minh Linh Trading Investment Company Limited. The new investor has focused on investing in unfinished infrastructure categories, and starting the project of the De 1st Quantum luxury apartment.

The project of De 1st Quantum includes six blocks, with more than 2,000 apartments. In the first phase, the investor will launch block C14, with a total of 14 floors and 119 apartments. With a prime location right at the north-southern gateway of the city, on the arterial route through the boulevards of Vo Nguyen Giap, and Vo Van Kiet, this will be a new highlight in the development of An Van Duong urban area.

Attracting investment

One of the highlights in the development of An Van Duong new urban area in the past few years is the capital source to invest in this new urban area. If in 2017, the investment in An Van Duong new urban area was only at 48%, equivalent to VND 1,090 / 2,292 billion; in 2019, the total capital invested in the urban area, managed by the Management Board of Urban Area Development, was VND 1,585 billion, accounting for over 70%, with 81 projects, of which, 50 projects with off-budget capital are implemented. Many projects have been achieved and exceeded the registration plan, including those of Aninest Joint Stock Company, Minh Dien Vital Real Estate Joint Stock Company, Xuan Phu Investment and Construction Joint Stock Company, etc.

Regarding the success in calling for investment, the routes connecting the new urban areas such as Thuy Duong - Thuan An route to An Cuu new urban area; Truong Chinh route extends to Thuy Duong - Thuan An road, and To Huu route to Thuy Duong - Thuan An route; the Provincial road 10A (the section from Highway 49 to Thuy Duong - Thuan An intersection), etc. contribute to completing the infrastructure, attracting investment, shortening the distance between the new urban area and main streets in the region, creating a complete technical infrastructure system for the projects.

Complete infrastructure, from the end of 2018 to now, the Provincial People's Committee has approved the list of 18 projects calling for investment in the period of 2019-2020, with a total area of ​​more than 457 hectares. It is in the process of pre-qualification, evaluation and submission to the Provincial People's Committee a plan to select investors for seven projects, with a total investment of VND 13,800 billion. It is expected that the bidding steps will be completed in the first and second quarters of 2020.

According to Mr. Huynh Minh Khang, Director of the Board, in the recent years, Hue tourism has been developed, and with the province's open policies, a new wave of investment in real estate sector has been stimulated. After the "warming" phase of the real estate market, some investors have overcome the difficult period, and turned to an effective business stage, a number of other investors have committed to restart the projects after a moderate implementation period.

Towards a model urban area

According to Mr. Khang, the goal of An Van Duong new urban area is to form a model urban area, a modern ecological one, making an important contribution to the expansion of Hue urban space. The adjustment of planning and planning implementation are considered to be the most important factors to attract investment. Currently, the planning has been focusing on connecting synchronously infrastructure of electricity, water, telecommunications, transportation, green trees, and sidewalks.

Each small urban area in the new urban area will also have its highlight and synchronization in technical infrastructure, towards a model, intelligent and sustainable urban area. From the very beginning, the research on the construction of the project must ensure adequate institutions of medical, education, amusement parks, and cultural services for the project’s scale and surrounding areas…

 “In 2020, the total investment in the urban area development, managed by the Management Board of Urban Area Development, is expected at VND 2,329 billion. During the year, the project of offices of a number of provincial agencies will be completed and put into use, completely resolving the backlog projects due to many years of land clearance problem. At the same time, it also completes the works of calling for investment and signing contracts to implement seven projects whose prequalification results have been approved; selecting investors of key projects such as the Center for integration of cultural heritage digital data in Zone A, projects at the roundabout of the intersection of To Huu street and Vo Nguyen Giap street, soon creating a highlight for Zone A in particular and the whole An Van Duong area in particular,” Mr. Huynh Minh Khang expected.

Story and photo: HOANG LOAN