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17/08/2022 - 09:00

Thua Thien Hue: Towards green development at economic and industrial zones

While attracting investment in economic and industrial zones is being promoted, the proportion of enterprises filling this area is not high, which creates a major obstacle.

Chan May Port playing an important role in exporting

However, the province's policy is not attracting investment at all costs, especially at the expense of the environment. Making the province’s economic and industrial zones “greener” is the direction for sustainable development.

Data from the Management Board of the province’s economic and industrial zones, from the beginning of the year until now, investment registration certificates of 8 projects have been granted in the area of ​​the economic and the industrial zones, with a total registered investment capital of 2,197 billion VND, reaching 37.9% of the plan, in which there is 1 FDI project with a total capital of 575 billion VND. Realized investment capital in the first 6 months is estimated at 930.5 billion VND, only reaching 15.5% of the plan.

Up to now, there are 159 valid investment projects in the province's economic and industrial zones, with a total registered investment capital of 107,573 billion VND, of which, there are 38 FDI projects with registered investment capital of 69,449 billion VND.

From the above figures, it can be seen that the province’s economic and industrial zones have not been really developed as compared to their potential. The outbreak of COVID-19 has caused a decrease in the number of investors and foreign partners seeking to invest. In addition, there are many shortcomings and limitations in the province’s economic and industrial zones, such as their failure to reach the requirements of technical infrastructure and technology. Many enterprises in this area still operate in the traditional way, with little technical improvement. In particular, the risk of environmental pollution is high due to the incomplete wastewater treatment system and so on.

Therefore, up to now, the revenue of economic and industrial zones is estimated at 17,911 billion VND, reaching 51.1% of the plan; import-export turnover is estimated at 870.3 million USD, reaching 66.9% of the plan; budget contribution is about 1,856 billion VND, reaching 53% of the plan, but the added value for the fields of operation is underestimated.

Currently, the importance of such economic and industrial zones has been proven through the presence of 41,610 employees working here. This area not only contributes to increasing budget revenue, but also generates a huge number of job opportunities.

Facing the above-mentioned obstacles, the province is making efforts to introduce investment opportunities, potentials, and incentives in Chan May - Lang Co Economic Zone and other industrial zones in the direction of transition to green economic growth and development.

In practice, it has been proven that green economic growth and development play an important role in helping countries achieve their goals of growth, environmental protection, and adaptation to climate change conditions.

Following that trend, the province's economic and industrial zones are reviewing and adjusting the planning, in which, criteria, fields and industries, and investment attraction are developed on the basis of green and sustainable economy.

Accordingly, the Provincial People's Committee is consistent in its guiding view that the environment will not be sacrificed for economic development. Activities to attract investment in economic and industrial zones should focus on high-tech and low-pollution fields. In addition, it is necessary to prioritize technological and environmental factors, as well as projects that save land resources, etc., while attracting investors to research, invest, and create green and sustainable products, contributing to the development of a green economy.

“There are a number of projects with high investment rates registered in economic and industrial zones refused by the province, for during the appraisal process, we found that such projects pose a risk of causing environmental pollution as well as go against the planning,” informed Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Nguyen Van Phuong.

In the past time, the province has had many promotion activities to attract investment, especially foreign investors investing in the fields of energy, environment, green agriculture, high technology, etc. And, Chan May - Lang Co Economic Zone and other industrial zones are key areas calling for investment.

“Regarding ongoing projects, we are monitoring progress on a weekly basis. Currently, we are encouraging enterprises to be proactive in innovating production technology to improve production efficiency. To be 100% qualified, infrastructure investors and traders must invest or commit to invest in a centralized wastewater system; waste gas collection and treatment system, solid waste and hazardous waste storage areas, etc.,” said Mr. Le Van Tue, Head of the Provincial Management Board of Economic and Industrial Zones.

Story and photo: Le Tho